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Sally Struthers
Dec 20th, 2004, 03:51 PM
December 20, 2004

Now that Thanksgiving and Halloween have passed, incarcerated domestic diva MARTHA STEWART must face one of the biggest holidays of all -- Christmas -- behind bars in the Alderson Federal Prison in West Virginia she's been confined to since October 8.

From the holiday dinner to her expected visitors, tonight on ET we tell you how Martha will be spending Christmas!

According to the current issue of Star magazine, Martha's daughter ALEXIS, who was by her mother's side during the trial, is expected. A friend of Stewart's told the magazine: "Martha has also told other pals she hopes they might visit her for Christmas, even though she feels bad that it would disturb their own holiday plans." But according to the same friend, "Friends have told her, 'That's nonsense!' And they've assured Martha they're coming anyway."

In the December issue of Martha's popular magazine, Martha Stewart Living, a holiday feast of roast crown pork, beef Wellington, squash-celery root soup, creamed spinach with pearl onions, horseradish mashed potatoes and pecan pie is recommended for a swank holiday dinner.

But the prison menu for December 25 could not be more different. DAWN ZOBEL, public information officer at the Alderson prison, told Star the dinner will be served cafeteria style and will consist of oven-baked chicken, gravy, cornbread dressing, yams, peas, cranberry sauce, green salad, dinner roll and apple pie -- and no seconds allowed!

One of Martha's close pals also told the magazine that she plans to celebrate Christmas when she's released in March. "Martha has asked Alexis to do her holiday gift shopping for her and has promised family and friends she'll make it up to them with a 'belated Christmas' at her Connecticut estate," the friend said.

Martha has already received one early Christmas gift -- a new daily show from MARK BURNETT, creator of the highly successful shows "The Apprentice" and "Survivor." The hourlong show will debut in the fall of 2005 and will feature celebrity guests as well as tips on cooking, entertaining, decorating and home renovating.

"Martha has incredible value and enduring appeal," Burnett said. "As the arbiter of taste, Martha teaches people in a practical, helpful manner how to include style in everyday living. Together, I know we can create a show that breaks new ground in daytime."

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Poor Martha. Maybe I'll sent a care package. The old file in the cupcake thing perhaps? I can't believe the bitch already has a show lined up.

Helen Lawson
Dec 20th, 2004, 03:52 PM
If I was into idols, I mean, I'm my own idol, it would be Martha. I'd be miserable in prison and thinking about suicide (again), but Martha lands a show.

Being on a movie-set prison totally sucked, I can't imagine the real thing.

Sally Struthers
Dec 20th, 2004, 03:55 PM
According to the ENquirer, she's making the best out of prison, stealing recipes from other inmates and using them as information for a new book she's writing while in there. I guess this is between cooking food that gives them the runs and fighting with bunkmates.

Dec 20th, 2004, 06:01 PM
God Bless Martha Stewart :worship: