View Full Version : Moderate Independent calls Scarborough on the carpet

Brian Stewart
Dec 17th, 2004, 09:21 AM
In what looks to be the most entertaining takedown of a self-important pundit since Jon Stewart's lambasting of Crossfire, the Moderate Independent website takes Joe Scarborough to task for his weak attempts to conceal his bias whilst pretending to be "independent". Check out 3 articles on this webpage:


The first is an article written by someone named Ashton which blasts Scarborough for his wishy-washy criticism of the "politicians" responsible for ballooning the deficit and coming up with the disasterous plan to privatize Social Security, instead of blaming the specific party responsible. This is down the page a bit.

Next is his response, which is near the top of the page. (Something like Scarborough to M/I, I'm not so bad, etc.) It features an exchange of emails, and Scarborough's attempts to dance around the issues.

The final article is at the top, with Scarborough threatening to sue, etc.

It's reminiscent of many of the op-ed columns in the newspaper in which the writer claims to be independent, yet never has anything good to say about a Democrat or anything negative about a Republican. If one is truly independent, you can find positive and negative examples in all parties.