View Full Version : Anyone want to discuss Immigration? whats your take.

Dec 17th, 2004, 10:19 AM
I havent got the time to listen to it all but i found this interesting discussion here: http://www.thebyteshow.com/Frosty/F...America_TBS.wav

Anyway, though i am still a democrat i have mixed feelings re: immigration. weve all seen what can happen when you let evil people into our countries. they fuck it up. and what is the deal with that. the restaurant, landscaping and construction, etc labour pools are saturated with illegal aliens. should they be. I dare say plenty of legal Americans would do these jobs if they paid ok and had benefits. Are we selling out our countrymen? I say Fuck Hell Yes we are. We want cheap labour so we give it the illegals. id rather pay a fair and legal price, get competent work, and employ an american who worked for this country and doesnt send his money overseas. and whose jobs are we talking about anyway? Probably mens jobs if you ask me. Our cooks, bossboys, construction workers and landscapers are all men. whats the deal. Also tons of people who are ostensibly liberal towards immigration cut corners as bad as conservative people... i know one who just hired an illegal alien to do work on her house but at the same time all she does is thumb her nose at capitalism and republicans. so there you go. I know another person who has a business and says he hires all illegals cause everyone does it and its the only way they can make a living. HYPOCRITE, cause he blames big business for doing the same thing. Theres my diatribe. what do you think?