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Oct 16th, 2001, 09:46 AM
re: New WTA Rankings, why Venus has to defend 200+ points when she did not enter SWISS tourney last year. This should reflect next week when the tournament starts. So goes with martina Hingis, why no points to defend at all as refected in the new rankings when in fact she is the defending Champion.

Oct 16th, 2001, 09:50 AM
I mean it should be reflected when the tournament in Austria starts not the Swiss tourney.

Williams Rulez
Oct 16th, 2001, 09:51 AM
Because Linz was played this week last year. Your points stay there for 52 weeks only, after that, they fall off!

Doris Loeffel
Oct 16th, 2001, 09:52 AM
Couse the Swisscom-Challenge is played a week later than last year. So all the points from the Swisscom-Challenge came already off last week. And when I'm not mistaken this weeks points coming off are from last years Linz tournament, where Venus reached the final.

Oct 16th, 2001, 09:53 AM

Oct 16th, 2001, 09:57 AM
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