View Full Version : "Got Sharapov" Next Year's YEC Ads Announced

Nov 16th, 2004, 10:33 PM
with yuri spending more time on the court than some of the players, the WTA should be working on as ad campaign that will make them millions. the world famous "Got Sharapov" billboards should be made.

Think about it..you can have 3 types. the first has yuri with his sunglasses and one fist in the air and the other hand pointing to the people passing by in LA "Got Sharapov"
The next can be Yuri next to the net but no posing, just choking out a ball boy...the ball boy can say "I Got Sharapov"
the third billboard contains the security forces hauling him away while he is kicking furiously "They Got Sharapov" it can read

to top it off he should be introduced to the crowd at next years championship, with the lights going out and the pyro going off and following him as he takes his seat, knocking down linespeople and hurling insults at the chair ump and crowd.

im not even gonna talk about the merchandise opportunities: shirts, pens, stun guns...

im telling ya its money in the bank