View Full Version : My Way for tennis to sum up the year

cool bird
Nov 16th, 2004, 06:01 AM
And now the end is near and so we see the final ace
It's been a strange old year no sister slams and just one belgin.
It starts with dear old Kim she got engagaed to Llyton Hewit.
But then it all went wrong and she done her arm in.

Regretts theres been a few Ted Watts to name but a few
She did what she had to do Jen did not mean that fuck you
We prayed along the course for old Venus to come back
But more and more and more that forehand misses.

Yes there where times we watched a match,
when every nails had to be chewed
when they did screamed the ball was in
we eat up and spit it out
But thought it all they hit the ball and did it there way.

( To the tune of My way by frank sinatra)

Add more I am stuck