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Oct 15th, 2004, 10:21 AM
Here's one I got from a workmate the other day. It's a longie but a goodie:

A boy has been dating his girlfriend for a few months, when she finally tells him she'd like to have sex with him. They are both virgins and the boy is naturally very excited. The girl tells the guy to come over to her house tonight to have dinner and meet her parents (who he had not met before), and they can do it after dinner, as her parents will go to a movie after that.

The boy is very excited and goes to a pharmacy to buy some condoms. He tells the pharmacer that he is going to have sex with his girlfriend tonight and that he wants to buy condoms, but doesnt know which ones to get. The pharmacer is more than happy to help the young man out and spends over an hour shoing the boy all the different variations in condoms, the sizes, textures, flavours and amounts in a pack The pharmacer asks "how many would you like?". The boy replies "well, I really intend to get stuck into it tonight... I really think we'll be going at it quite a bit... so i'll take the 20 pack, thanks". The pharmacer sells the boy the pack and the boy goes on his way.

Arriving at the house, the boy is greeted by the girl. "I'm so excited about you meeting my parents, I think you'll really like them" she says. The boy walks in, the table is set, he meets the parents, and they all sit down to dinner.

The boy says that he will say grace. The boy bows his head in prayer.

After two minutes, the boy is still saying grace. After five minutes, his head is still bowed in prayer. Ten minutes. After TWENTY minutes, the boy is still praying. The girl leans over to the boy and says in a serious tone, so as not to offend the boy: "I had no idea you were so religious"

The boy replies...

"And I had no idea that your father was a pharmacist"



Oct 15th, 2004, 12:18 PM
Q : What do you call a green square?

A : An orange in disguise.

Is it funny?