View Full Version : Ah shoot Andy Roddick fans, Mandy Moore's got a new man

Wendy Williams
Oct 15th, 2004, 09:18 AM
The Experiencenistas know that I prefer Mandy Moore with her blonde hair. Going back to her natural color makes Mandy look old. I'm a TVnista but I don't watch Scrubs so I don't know who Zach Braff is.

SCRUB the Natalie Portman rumors. Zach Braff and Mandy Moore are young Hollywood's new "It" couple. Sources close to the pair say they've been quietly dating for several weeks, even hitting Hollywood hot spots like Spider Club.

Braff, 29, who's currently filming his hit TV series "Scrubs" and working on the animated movie "Chicken Little," split from longtime girlfriend, "NYPD Blue" actress Bonnie Summerville over the summer. Braff and Portman were linked after starring together in "Garden State," Braff's writing and directing debut, but friends denied they were ever together. Meanwhile, Moore, 20, famously dated tennis ace Andy Roddick until last March.

Look for more from Braff and Moore. "They are a good match - they are both so earnest!" joked a source friendly with the couple.