View Full Version : UPN addressess the light skin/dark skin baby issue on Kevin Hill

Wendy Williams
Oct 14th, 2004, 10:33 AM
I don't even care for the show but I did ths for yous. Shout out to the Daily News for mentioning The Experience. Taye Diggs how you doing!


Kids grow up so fast. But for kid actors, the growth spurt can lead to a pink slip.

That's what happened on UPN's drama "Kevin Hill."

The show's first episode, in which unsuspecting ladies' man Taye Diggs was saddled with his deceased cousin's baby daughter, was filmed in March.

By the time the show went back into production in August, the twin girls who appeared in the pilot had "aged out."

The baby switch confused some viewers. Listeners called Wendy Williams' WBLS-FM show last week, suggesting the new African-American baby was cast because she is lighter-skinned.

Nonsense, said UPN officials.

In fact, the show now uses five babies, including two sets of twins, from three families.

"It's extremely difficult to do a drama with infant actors," said a UPN spokeswoman.

That's because a day on the set of an hour-long TV drama can easily exceed 18 hours. Labor laws stipulate that child actors cannot be on a set more than eight hours a day. And they cannot "work" for more than 15 minutes at a time before they get a 20-minute break.

All of which makes for a lot of baby swapping. So much so, it's not uncommon for both sets of the "Kevin Hill" twins to be used in a single episode, according to the network.

And it's possible there will be more baby changes on "Kevin Hill." And next time, according to the network, it might be for the opposite reason.

"As the show progresses," said a spokeswoman, "we may need to cast an older baby."