View Full Version : Scoring on your own team? You ever done it, or know any good stories?

Oct 4th, 2004, 01:59 PM
When i used to play hockey back as a kid, i scored on my own team a few times. It wasnt intentional really, when you get the puck in your own zone near the net, and you just send it away, you can sometimes make a mistake and score on your own goalie :rolleyes: doooooh! I think i was accused a couple time of doing it intentionally but it was really an accident. they had this thing called the buddy pass, its a pass where you pass the puck really slowly so that the guy receiving the pass is a dead duck, just sitting there motionless ready for the puck, but a sure thing for the guy on the other team wanting to smash you to bits. i got a lot of buddy passes. thats kinda scoring on your own teammate, eh?

I know someone who was pissed at his team in basketball and scored in his own hoop. thats gotta suck. Anybody ever done that, or anybody know anyone that did stuff like that? playing tennis ive tried to hit my team mate at net before, he was annoying...