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E. Blackadder
Oct 1st, 2004, 07:46 PM
Schiavone d. Llagostera-Vives 6-1 6-0

Boring match. Schiavone's serve was too dominant and didn't let Nuria a single chance. Not really spectacular tennis, mostly centered balls from both except for Schiavone's backhand that really opened the court. Nuria stopped running after balls after the first set and didn't even try to make it tough for Francesca

Maleeva d. Callens 6-0 6-1

Malggie was simply too powerfull and steady for Els. She sent Els form corner until corner and kept her balls deep. Els' serve was off, and she didn't make enough winners to come close to Maggie. I think Els actually already lost the match in the second game of the first set, as she got broken after having serveral chances to close it out. Els won the first game of the second set with brilliant tennis, but besides a cool volley here and there, she was nowhere for the rest of the match.

Camerin d. Sprem 6-4 6-4

By far the best and entertaining match of the day. Karolina is so exciting and spectacular to watch. Her balls go so low and hard over the net it's phenomenal to watch. Never seen Camerin play before but she sure suprised me and she seems in great form. These two really went toe to toe in rallies on a very high notch but Sprem made a little too much errors. Camerin counterpunched and used the speed that Karolina put in the ball so well. Camerin fought for every ball and brought them all back with a lot of speed and power. If Karolina can cut down on the erros, she is a destined top-5. Camerin is ready to crack the top-30 soon with this level of play, but I think the thing why she won't be top 20 is because she can't dominate rallies and create speed.

Marrero/LLagostera-Vives d. Henke/Muller 7-5 6-4

I have seen Marrero lots of times before and it's still a question to me why Marta has never reached her full potential so far. I mean the girl got all it takes to hit top-30, but what is bothering her? Is it a lack of motivation? As for the match the Spanish girls seem to know eachother pretty well and really had fun out there, which wasn't the case with the German couple. Muller is still the same complaining and annoying girl she was when I saw her three years ago. Hits hard and flat but lacks talent and blames her coach and partners for her lack of succes. Henke played decent but is scared of taking initiative. Entertaining desert for day session no the less.

Elena Dementieva training session

Great to see. She sparred with a blong boy and they sure had some nice rallies going on. The only thin gthat bothered her in this session was her backhand and that also showed in the match that followed. Elena really made some nasty errors with it. Morozova is a quiet coach but I know she owns a big deal in Dementieva's succes of late.

Dementieva d. Pastikova 6-4 6-2

Another great match. I expected Michaela to be blown away but it sure wasn't that way. They really went toe to toe until 4-4, with Pastikova playing even better than Dementieva. Amazing rallies. I was wondering if Michaela was playing the match of her life, because her groundies are soooo good. Pastikova as she played tehre is top40 material for sure; but at the age of 24 what has bothered her from getting there? Maybe she just played the best tennis out of her life today. Too bad pastikova wasn't there when it mattered. She double faulted to give away her serve and Dementieva got very lucky to win the opening set. It easily could have gone the other way. In the second set Dementieva started serving a little better and raced away to 3-0 if I recall correctly. Pastikova came back to 3-2, but yet again missed the crucial points. The scoreline really doesn't reflect the closeness of the match.

Oct 1st, 2004, 07:48 PM
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Oct 1st, 2004, 07:48 PM
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E. Blackadder
Oct 1st, 2004, 07:49 PM
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