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Sep 29th, 2004, 06:07 AM
i remember when they were making the film last year. i just hope that winnipeg gets as many film and tv productions as vancouver and toronto in the near future.


Scenery outdoes acting
Gere, Lopez flick given sneak preview

Mike Labay didn't think he would enjoy the sneak preview of the locally lensed movie Shall We Dance starring Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere. His inclination was correct.

"The scenery and the dancing scenes were good but the acting was God-awful," said Labay as he and girlfriend Shelly Zulak left Silver City Cinema last night.

Zulak, 23, agreed with her boyfriend's assessment of the 106-minute movie shot in Winnipeg last summer.

"I liked it for the novelty of seeing Winnipeg and the ballroom scenes, but I've seen better acting," said Zulak.

Before the sold-out show, Zulak said she wanted to see Gere and if friends who were extras in the film made the final cut. She wasn't disappointed.

"I saw one of my friends at the end of the movie," she said.


"Yeah, I was dragged here," said Labay, who purchased the tickets Friday afternoon.

Rose Matos was among the many people disappointed she couldn't get a ticket to the sold-out show.

"I was an extra. That was the whole point of coming," she said.

Labay worked at the Legislature and wanted to know how it looked on the big screen.

"Nothing captures and showcases Winnipeg like this film," said Kenny Boyce, manager of the film and cultural affairs for the city. "This was a location-based film. Miramax was sold on the city because of the architecture, the diverse housing stock and the trees, the co-operation of the business community and citizens."

Comments made by Gere during filming back up Boyce's assessment.

While mingling with employees of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress during a break from a dance rehearsal next door, Gere had praise for the city.

"It's my favourite location I've ever worked," said Gere.

Last year, movie makers spent more than more $100-million here, with the local movie industry now employs 1,200 people.

There are three companies shooting in the city, said Boyce.

Tamara, a story about a teenage witch, begins shooting today while Capote: The Life and Times of Truman Capote is in final casting. The CBS mini-disaster series Overload is in the final days of production.

Sep 29th, 2004, 08:46 AM
Ugh! I hope this re-make doesn't butcher the Japanese original (Shall we dansu?).