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Sep 24th, 2004, 07:28 PM
<B>Word/Phrase Meaning
Sensible Socialist (e.g. "We must have sensible gun control laws") Reasonable Socialist
Practical Socialist
Liberal Socialist
Democrat Socialist
Centrist Socialist
Progressive Socialist
Moderate Tentative socialist
Communitarian Communist
Public/Private Partnership Fascism (i.e. the merging of govt and business) Third Way Fascism
United States The federal government
Legislation The ultimate solution to every problem encountered by man Serve Rule (e.g. "I was elected to serve the people")
Enduring Freedom Increasing bondage
Liberate Conquer (e.g. "We must liberate Iraq!")
Isolationist Non-interventionist
Left Behind Left alone (e.g. "No child will be left behind")
Extraordinary Rendition Torture
Parental Planning Abortion
Enlightened Overeducated
Politically correct "Correct" only in the perverse world of politics Voluntary Mandatory
Conscription Enslavement
Tolerant Intolerant
Tyranny Justice
Justice Tyranny
Preposterous Blatantly obvious (to everyone except socialists) Democracy The form of govt to apply when the majority agrees with
the will of socialists
Republic The form of govt to apply when the majority does not
agree with the will of socialists
Law Whatever the federal govt says
Living Constitution Whatever the federal govt says
Conspiracy theory A phrase used by smug socialists to dismiss inconvenient
historical facts (e.g. "That's just a conspiracy theory.")
Frivolous A Constitutional legal argument which cannot be
effectively answered by judicial traitors(so they dismiss it
at frivolous)
Standing What Constitutionalists never have in court
Civil Rights Privileges (unnatural rights) obtained at the expense of
another's natural rights (e.g. you have a right to force a
business owner to hire or serve you)
Objective A socialistic perspective
Bipartisan Multi-party support for a socialistic cause
Fair and Balanced Presenting both the fascist and the socialist perspective Morality Any system of conduct deemed acceptable to most socialists
Fact Any belief commonly held by socialists
Truth Any belief which furthers the cause of socialism Discordant detail Lie
Falsehood Lie
Exaggeration Lie
Embellishment Lie
Misspeak Lie
Confiscate Steal
Appropriate Steal
Intern Sexual object
Counsel Fondle (Interns sometimes need to be counseled). :haha:
Detain Arrest
Conscript Enslave
Oath A promise to perform an assigned task if/when
convenient and popular
Free Paid for by tax-payers (e.g. "free health care")
Right A privilege subject to the whims of govt
Administrative checkpoint Roadblock
Loophole A remaining freedom yet to be eliminated
Education Indoctrination
Government The means by which cowardly parasites steal from working
people without risk of physical harm
Town meeting A contrived gathering of carefully-selected sheeple,
intended to give the false impression that "the people"
have some say in a pre-determined outcome
Anti-government One who opposes unlimited govt power
Extremist 1. One who will not compromise on everything.
2. One who knows the Constitution and actually expect
the govt to abide by it.
Ideologue Someone who believes in something
Protectionist One who values his country more than his wallet
Narrow-minded Basing one's opinions exclusively on facts and reason,
without regard to feelings or consensus
Racist An insult (usually baseless) intended to distract from the
fact that the accuser is a socialist
Uncle Tom A successful black man
Fiasco Any murderous act committed by a govt agency (e.g.
"Waco and Ruby Ridge were fiascoes.")
Terrorist One who will shoot back during a fiasco
Assault weapon Any weapon which might be effective in defending oneself
against a fiasco :haha: :awww:
Compound A patriot's home :lol:
Due process "You will be processed in due time"
Drug war 1. An all-out assault on the bill of rights, conceived by
traitors, and waged by cowards, thugs, and morons.
2. A means by which large drug companies and cartels use
govt to imprison their "free-lance" competitors, and help
maintain the highest possible prices for their products Contribution Tax Enemy CombatantA magical phrase, which when
invoked, authorizes federal agents deny Americans any/all
Methamphetamine lab A magical phrase, which when invoked,
authorizes federal agents to murder people in
their homes
Dynamic entry An assault on "dangerous" people sleeping in their beds Homophobe One who prefers not to "celebrate" sodomy
Hate Opinions and/or beliefs which threaten the progress of
Peace The absence of resistance to socialism
Freedom The ability to live in any manner approved by those in
Slavery The inability to live off the labor of others Civilized Domesticated. Emasculated. Disarmed.
Privacy rights The excuse by which govt must know everything about
everyone (so as to protect the information)
Crime A violation of law committed by a conservative
Mistake A violation of law committed by a socialist :haha:
Fishing expedition A criminal investigation of a socialist
Murderer A private citizen who takes the life of an innocent(s) Hostage Rescuer A federal officer who takes the life of an innocent(s) Family Two lesbians and a parakeet :haha: :haha:
Global governance World government
Village Police state (e.g. "It takes a village</B>...")
Free trade A backdoor means of establishing world govt by
maximizing interdependence among nations, and thus
minimizing the sovereignty of same
Federal grant A program whereby the govt gives taxpayer funds to
local political prostitutes so as to assure their
Faith-based Initiative A program whereby the govt gives taxpayer
funds to religious prostitutes so as to assure
their subservience
Gun-free zone A criminal game preserve (where murderous gunmen
need not worry about "the game" shooting back)
The streets Your homes (e.g. "We must get guns off the streets.")
Note: "Conservatives" use the same term when
referring to drugs they don't like.
Choice Abortion
Partial-birth abortion The outright slaughter of a newborn baby
Human resources People
Liberal intellectual Mythical figure (akin to intelligent chicken) :lol: :tape:
Is Anyone's guess

Words/phrases you will never hear from the mouth of a socialist:


Constitutional republic
10th Amendment
Useful idiot
Hegelian Dialectic
Junk science


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