View Full Version : i need to meet maria...does anyone know her calendar or where she is going for vacati

Sep 19th, 2004, 12:56 AM
please some one help me i need to meet maria sharapova, im from chile if anyone can help me my name is martin

Sep 19th, 2004, 12:57 AM
Ewww, stalker!

Black Mamba.
Sep 19th, 2004, 12:57 AM
That's what I call stalker status.

Sep 19th, 2004, 01:15 AM
Nah,he's just a fan who would like to meet his idol (I hope:) Nothing wrong with that....Welcome to the forum. I can't say that most members here don't bite ;) ,but it's all pretty harmless.

Sep 19th, 2004, 01:23 AM
That sounds kinda stalkerish.

Anyway, you might be in for a dissappointment. I met Maria at the NASDAQ in Miami this year, she was walking alone and I said hi to her, called "Maria" and she walked right by me, completley ignored me and didn't even glance with a polite smile.....Me and my sister called her again and she completley IGNORED us, as did Kim Clijsters.....really I expected better from those two.

Sep 19th, 2004, 01:27 AM
If you want to meet her, I suggest you go to a tournament, not try and surprise her on her holiday.

Sep 19th, 2004, 01:33 AM
stalker alert...:scared:

Sep 19th, 2004, 01:56 AM
HALLO give him a break.. duhh:o ... It seems like U want to meet your dreamlady, I will say goooooood luck:) , heard she kinda BITCHTY.. pleas my langues, because she didnt say hallo to some of her fan:tape:

Russia Rules
Sep 19th, 2004, 02:10 AM
Maria is gorgeous :hearts: I'm dying to meet her.