View Full Version : John McEnroe's show

Sep 5th, 2004, 03:20 PM
Have anyone seen his show?

I caught a glimpse of it and didn't stay long enough to be bored any further than I was. When I saw the ads for the show, I was expecting a kinda politics and sports talk/opinion show with a Bill O'Reilly format, but what I got was a bad and poor cross of Bob Costas and that "Damn Good Sports show, Period". It has no kinda of creativity applied to it at all. I think NBC missed the ball on this all together.

I could only sum it up in one word, "WHACK!!" not the kind of whack that makes you laugh, but the kind that makes you try to forget it even happened. I think John deserved better because he is such a "say anything" personality that it would be more interesting to have him on a one and one or in a debate scenario than in a water cooler/the View format. Oh well, maybe next time.