View Full Version : ANyone who hates this years USO coverage come in here.

Sep 5th, 2004, 08:38 AM
I am so sick and pissed with the coverage this year. Here are the reasons...
1. Too many damn interuptions of the matches. During the Sharapova/Pierce match, I missed the whole damn 2nd set with them chosing to pick up that pathetic loser Moya's match at 2-3 in the 5th set. Of course when Sharapova is getting her ass handed to her the USA network switches over to something else. During Serena's 2nd round match they decide to interview Leyton Hewitt. This stupid interview took 4 games out of Serena's coverage. They have horrible timing as well. I swear after every commercial break, there is a recap of Tracy Austins win over Evert. And after the commercial break is resummed, it is 40-15 or 15-30.:mad:
2. Commentators during womens matches suck.
I like Venus and Serena, but I am not sure non Venus/Serena fans are picking up on this. But I truly think Tracy Austin hates the WIlliams sisters. There are just little things that she says that rub me the wrong way. She may not come out and say she doesn' t like a particular player, but I sense it. Also Ted Robinson is the biggest ass kisser in the world. I mean why does he have to agree with every damn thing that comes out of her mouth. If she makes it known she doesn't like a player, he will join in about how much he hates that player as well. By spouting off negative things he assumes she thinks. Ugggggghhhhhhhh those two make me nauseus. Give me Pat Mac anyday.

Anyone else have little annoyances with the broadcasting of the USO in the U.S.?

Sep 5th, 2004, 08:40 AM
I am annoyed also at teh ignorance and stupidity of Tracy Austin... She thinks she knows everytihng about tennis.. but she knows nothing...