View Full Version : The inside in person perspective on Saturday Night

Sep 5th, 2004, 06:59 AM
Ok guys, i was there! and i got the full scoop. First, we saw richard williams outside arthur ashe at around 630 and he was talking to some young girl who was like curtsying to him, seemed like she was happy to meet him! maybe a future prospect?

chanda was practicing at this time and looked alright, not shocked about the result

hiked up to the seats at the very top so i could look over and see in armstrong what henman was doing, very loud brit and czech fans side by side cheering for henman and tabara respectively

during the lindsay/bovina match it was SO SO SO quiet in the 1st, i guess people don't enjoy sets with no breaks, obviously after she won the 1st it was more lively, and it was sort of routine, no one was too pumped.

venus and chanda were held so we could see the end of sargsian/mathieu on the big tv

they came out and there was a bigger roar for chanda than venus it seemed, although there were many people calling out for "chandra", sometimes people are so dumb, anyway, the place was buzzing when venus blew 3 chances to serve out the set, although after the 1st set was over, the energy sort of drained

moved to the FRONT ROW of the stadium for the bryan/bryan vs. benneteau/mahut doubles, there was one shot that it seemed mahut got to on 2 bounces and the crowd FLIPPED when the umpire didn't call not up, this one lady next to me kept screaming cheater really really loud, and i said, "sometimes it is hard to tell if it double bounced when you play" and she and her husband got ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS, i was PISSED, she's like, i play tennis, i know it is easy to tell, and he was like not when it was that long, and i SHOULD HAVE said "i bet you don't play tennis well" or "if you're beloved andre agassi did the same thing you would let it slide you unfair losers", anyway, there was a vocal french following, and i joined them after the incident out of spite, the french pair won in straight sets, and after the match i said "do you know the players personally" to the french girls who were screaming "allez" during the match, they said "not yet"!! maybe they are a bit slutty....but mahut has a wedding ring on, who knows?!?!

anyway, that was the buzz, hope you enjoyed hearing it, i'm attending monday day session as well, and will give another full report