View Full Version : Had a drink with Venus in Paris!

Sep 3rd, 2004, 08:41 PM
....ok, it wasn't me.

The other day, I offered to take my friend back to his place from town and his colleague also jumped in. We were talking about tennis (as that was what I had been watching that evening). The colleague then asked 'Was Venus Williams playing?' and she wasn't and to my surprise, he said he and his friends actually sat with Venus in a lounge whilst on holiday in Paris (RG??)

He said she was very polite and cheerful but most of the time she only managed 'Ah ha' in the conversation but kept smiling and listening the whole time. No 'I am a tennis superstar, don't talk to me' attitude at all. As normal as an person can be. The funniest thing was that she was singing a Stevie Wonder's song (Venus fans: any reason?) and the Colleague said:

'I am glad you are good at tennis!!'

And I thought 'WTF, you can't say things like that to Venus! She can kick your ass with no afford and with Serena, you are as good as dead!!'. Apparently, she burst out laughing and embarassed like a little girl.

Anyway, they think that the reason she said 'Ah ha' so often was that they (the Colleague and friends) are from Lancashire. It might have been a bit difficult for Venus to understand what the hell they were saying. Plus British dry wit might not be Venus' expertise.

I thought it's a sweet story to share in here. I just can't imagine how stunned I would be if I were them...so jealous!

Well, that's non-tennis fans for ya.

Sep 3rd, 2004, 08:46 PM
Venus is very humble ;).