View Full Version : Since Raymond/Martina team will disppear after FC, is this the end for Lisa?

Sep 3rd, 2004, 06:50 AM
Playing with Martina Narvitilova in Martina's last slam, I wonder if 2004 will be the end of doubles for her.

She can pretty much forget about getting back with Rannae who is doing better than her with Cara.
And Lindsay is almost at the end of her career, she probably wont play with Lisa.
If Lisa wants to play with someone else, other than Corina, or maybe Laura G, there is really no one else she can partner with. But these 2 are not at the same level with Lisa, maybe Corina, but her sickness really took a lot away from her:sad:

And her 2004 year is turning out bad, with only 1 title, never before since 95.
And she at least won Indian Wells with Lindsay then, in 94 as well. Not to mention not winning slams since 2001 Wimbledon. Her partnership with Martina really hasnt turned out great, and she'll probably not qualify YEC. And she wont even have as good partner as Martina after the retirement, it's gonna be worse in 2005.
So could she possibly give up doubles and concentrate in singles?