View Full Version : USA vs. Chile

Aug 20th, 2004, 02:08 AM
Okay, I know it's men's tennis -- don't shoot me! But how odd is that the men's semifinals pit Chile against the USA? I'm hoping for an all-American final, with Dent winning gold. Given the speed of the court, he may just do it

Aug 20th, 2004, 03:58 AM
well i think its awesome. Taylor should get into the finals easily

Aug 20th, 2004, 04:38 AM
dont under-estimate the chileans, they are at their best playing for their country.

since its in singles & doubles, hmmm...both gold for chile for me.

Aug 20th, 2004, 04:42 AM
go dent cos hes kinda aussie

Aug 20th, 2004, 04:44 AM
Mardy for the Gold! :devil:

Aug 20th, 2004, 04:49 AM
i think it could be a split final, but it is up in the air, i see massu losing to dent big time, and i think massu would lose to either one on this surface, fish and gonzalez will be a close one i think, not sure who will win, but either way, i feel confident for a double medal for the USA, i think massu will leave athens without one...too bad for him