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Dec 12th, 2001, 10:53 PM
Okay there are a lot of importnat things to establish here in this post.

1) The new surface points will be as followed. Each player will be give 12 specialty points. This is how it works. First of all forget about the old surface points. You have the ability to decide which surfaces will be your strenghth and which ones will be your weaknesses.

For example you could choose to be an ultimate grass court specialist by designating the surfaces as the following: Grass=112, Hard=100, Indoor=100, Clay=100.

Those that do not send me any surface points will be given a 103 all around.

I hope this makes sense. You can email me, IM me, MSN message me, or PM me these preferences.

Email: etatour@hotmail.com


Dec 12th, 2001, 11:00 PM
As for the recent controversies with points and such I don't know how to resolve it. On one side, it is true, those that spend more time investigating other players will reap the rewards as they should for spending that time.

And it seems that there is a large portion of players who think this is fair as opposed to cheating. I'm not quite sure what direction you want me to take. I could "change or mask" scorelines so the exact difference is in question. The problem with this is that we will eliminate scouting.

I think though that leaving the game the way it is might be beneficial in that it brings the entire game to a new level. It no longer becomes a game of sending in points but thinking more.

Dec 12th, 2001, 11:11 PM
Okay the final piece is that I'm leaving for Australia on the 23rd of Decemeber! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> Which puts this game in a bit of question. I'll have access to the net in Australia, I'm pretty sure, not like last time LOL!

So this means that most likely the Sanex Championship and Volvo Women's Open will be delayed for a couple of days since I don't arrive in Australia until the 25th of Decemeber (Christmas). So just be warned!

I might have to ask someone to run the game for awhile if I have problems. And I'll get back home for Aussie Open, but that might be late too. Its okay though since its a two week event! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Dec 12th, 2001, 11:14 PM
Don't forget to sign up for committments in the GAMES THREAD

Also, remember now that some doubles partnerships are in "trouble" because one player is ranked significantly higher than the other. So double partner changes are probably needed! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Dec 12th, 2001, 11:16 PM
Sorrie for all the posts, just so much to get organized! <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

Dec 13th, 2001, 01:17 AM
The new website is up <a href="http://etatour.tripod.com" target="_blank">http://etatour.tripod.com</a>

Dec 13th, 2001, 05:58 AM
The potential for one person having 12 more points off the bat on a surface than another person is rather extreme. Why are you changing anything? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Dec 13th, 2001, 06:30 AM
Oh well I thought people wanted more of a realistic surface type thingie, no? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

Williams Rulez
Dec 13th, 2001, 06:43 AM
I think that this is good. More freedom to specialise.

Dec 13th, 2001, 06:51 AM
Yes it is and it is up to the individual on how you distribute your points <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> .

This is a terrific Idea <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Big Lindsay
Dec 13th, 2001, 07:24 AM
I for one, am glad you adopted Sam_L's idea, please ... do not change it! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Dec 13th, 2001, 01:36 PM
agreed! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

when u come to australia... consider becoming our prime minister!!!! u make all the right decisions and you run things soooo well!!! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Senorita Conchita
Dec 13th, 2001, 05:00 PM
Tennisace, I really wish you would do a poll before you decide to do this because I still don't like it. I will tell you whats wrong with making yourself a grasscourt specialist. People like Novotna, Shriver, Venus and Serna would be stupid to do so.

Why? because we do not have more than 3 grasscourt tournaments all year, so this is not fair to people who specialise in grass and want to play the game realistically. People who want to be clay, hard, indoor specialist could have a field day because its so many tournaments to support those sufaces.

I say if you are going to change things, just give everybody 150 points to breakdown over three sets for all four surfaces. Everybody does not have a best or weakest surface. Maybe something in between both ideas is best, but I don't know what that is. I know its your game and you make the final decisions, but we support your game and should have a say in things that change. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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Dec 13th, 2001, 07:03 PM
Body, I agree with your thoughts about grass court specialists. But if you look at the tour, there are very few grass specialists. The majority of the tour is hard and clay specialists.

Remember that your player does not have to follow their real strenghts and weaknesses. For example Conchita could be horrible on clay if you wanted! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

I mean if you really wanted to win a Slam you could put all your points in grass and Wimby! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Dec 13th, 2001, 07:58 PM
Good original Idea TennisACE...I have another idea...i think every player when they send in their points, should have say 20 tie breaker points. SO therefore instead of a coin flipping, say I had 10 in the 1st set tiebreaker 5 in the 2nd and 5 in the 3rd and my opponent had 15 in the first and 2 in the 2nd and 3 in the third. If the match went to 3 tiebreakers he would win the first set, i would win 2nd and 3rd

Dec 13th, 2001, 08:11 PM
i think the new system of points is good idea, we'll se how it works next year <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Dec 14th, 2001, 04:52 AM
Hmmm, I've already noticed a flaw with this system. Right now its up in question if this new point system will happen. I may either add an injury factor or reduce the number of bonus points.

Most people are stacking the bonus points on one surface and well it becomes hard when you face someone with 112 points.

I'm thinking of chaning the bonus points to 8 points or something. This change to the game is still in doubt.

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:10 AM
no, i think that the system with 12 bonus points is fine....other players should be aware that some are going to stack a lot on one surface, but it also makes them more vulnerable on other surfaces.

I think it all balances out in the end.

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:16 AM
If you are worried Brian, you could stick to the 12 points. Give the winner 1 point bonus for every tournament that they win, excluding their favorite surface...IE: You have 112 on grass and Win wimbledon, then thats it. If you have 112 on grass and win a clay tournament, then a bonus point could be added to your clay points. If you are wise enough (or lucky enough <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> ) to win a heap of tournaments on your less then favorite surfaces, then you would eventually become a complete player on all surfaces and rightfully the number 1 in the world <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:28 AM
I disagree with bonus points. Someone with 112 could win tournaments easily and keep adding points on that surface. They would be unstoppable.

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:32 AM
Looks like someone doesn't read posts properly.

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:33 AM
But Scott, they would have only 100 on the 3 other surfaces, making it extremely difficult for them to win on those surfaces.

It all balances out IMO..

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:39 AM
Adrian, could you just not be a supreme asshole for two seconds?

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:46 AM
You were so quick to put the boot to my idea, that you didn't even read my post. The only person who has been an arehole here is you. At least try and use the few brain cells, that I'm sure rattle around in that empty head of yours.

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:46 AM
The problem I notice with 112 surfaces is that you can easily win any event any match just by using 60 52 0. And well this throws out all strategy because there is only like one possible combination that can beat this. I don't know the way it seems now, like these points throw strategy out the window.

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:49 AM
56, 53, 3 would beat that

55, 53,4

etc etc.

Dec 14th, 2001, 05:51 AM
Brain, your basic Idea is fine, just tinker around the edges, make it you can only have 8 points extra on one surface, the other 4 must be distributed else where, or something like that.

Senorita Conchita
Dec 14th, 2001, 06:52 AM
I still think it would be better if you just gave everybody 150 points to use over 3 sets for all surfaces, whats wrong with that? Strategy would still be involved and nobody would have less points than their opponents.

Lets say somebody like Tetsud, who is equally good on all surfaces, gives herself 103 for all four surfaces. Testud is still not going to win any tournaments because she will always run into someone with a 110 or 112. I just don't like this 112 mess unless errbody is gonna have it!

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Dec 14th, 2001, 07:01 AM
I agree with Serena.

Senorita Conchita
Dec 14th, 2001, 07:14 AM
[quote]Originally posted by Anjelica de la Courtiere:<br /><strong>I agree with Serena.</strong><hr></blockquote>

<br />Thanx Boo! <img src="graemlins/kiss.gif" border="0" alt="[Kiss]" />

Dec 14th, 2001, 10:05 AM
Well it it quite clear that most, actually much more then most, agree with your original Idea. As long as you have a main frame to work from, you will never go wrong <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Dec 14th, 2001, 03:37 PM
The problem I have with the new system is that you need 112 points to be a 112 person. I just don't like how its working out right now. I mean you'll see the problems of this system once the same people reach the semis and farther over and over again.

I think the game becomes less appealing...making a cap might help the situation.

Dec 16th, 2001, 01:04 AM
Committments PEOPLE! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">