View Full Version : Guisela Dulko or Mary Pierce- Who has a better chance in defeatin Maria Sharapova????

Jul 28th, 2004, 05:40 PM
Dunno who will win..but if U had to Pick..who would BEAt Maria Sharapova...or Give her a Good Workout????????/

Jul 28th, 2004, 06:31 PM
None... Maria just had a bad day yesterday... I think neither Dulko can beat Maria, nor Pierce is in her best condition to do it... Now Anastasia Myskina vs. Maria Sharapova will be exciting...

Jul 28th, 2004, 06:42 PM
None..although if Mary would be having one of her days, she might just give Maria a scare.

DJ Troll
Jul 28th, 2004, 06:42 PM
Mary can win this one, but if Anna was here she would be my favourite :hearts:

Jul 28th, 2004, 07:18 PM
This thread can become fun! Just wait till someone makes ONE wrong statement and we will have another major bashing thread! :D
Anyway, Maria can only be beaten by one of them if she has a REALLY bad day and if Pierce or Dulko have a good day...