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Jul 26th, 2004, 04:14 AM
"Davenport earned $93,000. She leads the U.S. Open Series Bonus Challenge with 100 points. Points are awarded at 10 tournaments leading up to the year's final Grand Slam tournament, with the top three players receiving bonus money.

Venus is second with 57 points and Serena third with 35."

Is this new? How much bonus money? Do the points mean anything rankingwise?

Jul 26th, 2004, 04:26 AM
It is a gimmick of sorts. It pumps up the players to play more leading up to the US Open in order to win more cash, and it is also to pump up the US crowds to be more aware of tennis and increase popularity.

There's tons of information out there.

Jul 26th, 2004, 04:30 AM
what rock have you been hiding under? j/k

Jul 26th, 2004, 04:57 AM
So ... is this new? How much bonus money? do the points mean anything rankingwise (assuming no)?

Jul 26th, 2004, 05:00 AM
lol:). Just to explain, this is like the USTA circuit with bonus of half of the money you win.
And like the challenger circuit they will accumulate the points, probably up to and including US Open.

Jul 26th, 2004, 05:04 AM
from usopenseries.com

"Last week, the USTA announced that 2004 US Open prize money will exceed $17.75 million – with a potential payout of more than $19 million tied to the performance of the top players in the US Open Series. The 2004 US Open Men’s and Women’s Singles Champions will receive $1,000,000, with the ability to earn up to $1.5 million – a 50% bonus – based on their performance in the US Open Series. The second-place and third-place finishers in the US Open Series also will receive bonus prize money in singles at the US Open, earning an additional 25% and 10% bonus respectively.

Effective in 2005, the men’s and women’s winners of the US Open Series will play for double the singles prize money at the US Open. Second place finishers will receive an additional 50% and third place finishers will receive an additional 25% of their US Open singles prize money.


Jul 26th, 2004, 06:44 AM
Wild. Thanks.

Hant Hant
Jul 26th, 2004, 06:48 AM
omg they need to give me some of that money.