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Jul 1st, 2004, 01:58 AM
Me and my friedn decide to queue up for the centre court ticket on Tuesday night. When we arrive at the queue at 9pm, we have just missed the number which guaranteed the ticket, and we were really angry at ourselves coz we thought we just missed the chance of such a great lineup. However, the steeward reaasure and say we stand a pretty good chance and we did. And to people who have not queue before, I recommend it, it is good fun, although very tiring but definitely worth it. people there are friendly and in general very organised, and you are guaranteed very good seats.

Anyway We got to watch Serena Jennifer. I was really dissappointed, their worst matchup ever. I expect a long fight, and I think the crowd did as well, trying to push Jennifer, and waiting for the comeback, but it never happen.Serena was playing too good and Jennifer was playing too crap, Jennifer did havea couple of opportunities in the last game, but guess what she netted both time. Nothing much to cheer on really, it is almost like Jennifer and Serena been asked to finish this off quickly to make way for Tim asap LOL

Anyway Tim Henman match is good, but then from how I see the match Ancic play a superb match, he did have a couple of dodgy moments in the first set, but Henman has more nerves than Ancic amazingly and waste those opportunities away. After that Ancic serve was never threatened early breaks in the last 2 sets seal the fate of another non british win (not that Tim would if he won this match)

Now to the cracker, I am a fan of Hewitt, and when we queue, we actually see more aussies than british. So we knew that Aussies are out in full force to support Hewitt. Federer played some of the best tennis I have ever seen in the first set. Amazing stuff, I don't know the stat, but I did not recall a single UE from Roger Federer and not so many from hewitt either, it was over in 20 mins and I thought wow this is gonna be a blowout.

Federer losen up a bit in the second set, letting Lleydon to get back into the match, to ve fiar, Lleydon was playing much betterin the second set. And then rain start again at 5-5

when they retunred, amazingly Roger played a couple of bad points and suddenly saw the match equal. As expected he push up another level and won the next set with a bagel.

The fourth set was amazing, Lleydon fighting spirit is in evidence, but Roger was just too good. I am happy though Hewitt manage to break his serve after so many opportunities, and become the first person in this tournament to break his serve so far LOL.

All in all a fun day and definitely worht it :)

Jul 1st, 2004, 07:01 AM
Thanks for the report, sounds like u had a great day!
Can i ask how long u had to queue to get in, and how much the ticket cost?

Jul 1st, 2004, 09:51 AM
Well i queue since 9pm the night before, and I think we are the last 20 or so people to get in. From what I can see is that if you start queue at 10pm, you would have gotten in

And the ticket cost 63 pounds, quite expensive :o