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Jun 29th, 2004, 04:30 PM
Here it is:

I have just seen Lindsay Davenport’s quarterfinal match against Karoline Sprem, and was mightily impressed with the way Lindsay has conducted herself on court throughout this tournament.

I must admit that I am a huge fan of Lindsay's (since 1996) but have often in the past two years or so been annoyed at her on court demeanour. Usually if she misses a shot, she slumps her shoulders in a "Kevin the Teenager" fashion, telling her racket "it isn't fair".

However, throughout this Wimbledon, Lindsay appears to have turned back into the professional that was the Lindsay who defeated two great Wimbledon Champions (Jana Navotna and Steffi Graf) en route to winning the title in emphatic style back in 1999.

A few points that I picked out in her match against Sprem were firstly, Lindsay didn't slump her shoulders at every missed opportunity but instead smiled at such errors which makes her seem more relaxed and actually enjoying the game of tennis. Along with this, I noticed that Lindsay has been having more of a “celebration” wave to the crowds after her wins at Wimbledon, something I only ever really see her do at the US Open. Could such joy in the game bring back [Grand Slam] winning ways?

Secondly, Lindsay was running for balls that for the last 2 years or so she would have just let go past her for a winner from her opponent. Such determination in returning these shots has led to her opponents making errors, perhaps through the shear shock of Lindsay essentially retrieving balls!

Finally, there was a wonderful point during the above mentioned match, I think, mid-way through the first set that Lindsay won, that I don’t think she would have won four or five months ago – I would actually love to see that point again. The point began with Lindsay and Karolina exchanging blows from the baseline, Lindsay unusually retrieving the shots Sprem rifled at Lindsay. At one point, Lindsay (being a great, but under-estimated doubles player) spotted the perfect occasion to make her way to the net. Half a dozen net exchanges followed and Lindsay’s great movement around the net won her the point. (It’s not often you’ll hear people use the words; Lindsay’s great movement in the same sentence without the words “not so” after Lindsay’s name, but I’m proud to say that I have!)

I know Lindsay has yet to play an opponent of her own stature, but I feel strongly that Lindsay has played herself into form. Her match against Vera Zvonareva on Monday was a perfect example of this. A tough match that a year or so ago, Lindsay would have probably given up that second set – but not so now!

I’m looking forward to see what Lindsay can bring if she makes it to her third Wimbledon final – I want to see her end her career with a BANG! Let’s face it, *sob, sob* the end is nigh…….


What do you think?

Jun 29th, 2004, 05:46 PM
Brilliant letter, spot on with the improved attitude making all the difference. Two tough matches left and whoever she faces will be very, very worried. I heard a radio interview with Lindsay on my way home from work. She said she had no injury concerns at all and the knee was no problem. Her retirement plans were raised but she virtually said she did not know herself. So possibly another year?

Jun 29th, 2004, 06:25 PM
Nice letter RayRob.

Jun 29th, 2004, 10:41 PM
Thanks for that interesting info threelions....

Oh, I hope one last year! I wanted to get to Wimby this year to see her play for what was possibly one last time - if she can hold out for an extra year I would be entirely grateful ;)


PS. I don't think it was read out on air......BBC never read my emails - Eurosport do though :p

Jun 30th, 2004, 12:15 AM
Hi Rachel, your email was spot on, as usual. I entirely agree with what you say. I don't think the BBC did read it out but at least I have heard yours read out on Eurosport.

I think she may play another year if at all possible. She really is being quite truthful at the moment in saying she doesn't know. Lets hope the knee does not play up for quite a while. Oh I do so want her to win Wimby this year. How do you think she will go on against Sharapova? Going to be tough one don't you think?

Jun 30th, 2004, 10:28 AM
yeah, Sharapova will be a toughie. Usually though, for some reason, when a young player like Sharapova (and Sprem) motor through a grand slam early on in their career, Lindsay has often been the one to put their run to an end.

Even though, playing through the draw, the young players look unstopable, Lindsay has the ability to make them look "ameture" (no disrespect to Sprem or Sharapova, because I like them both, a lot). Lindsay has done this to many players; Dokic (2000 Wimby, and loads of indoor events that year + first round Aus Open 2001), Stevenson (1999 Wimbledon - although this pretty much ended Stevensons career), Sprem (2004 Wimbledon - I hope to see more from Sprem), Clijsters (2002? End of year champs - a great match though and Kim has improved - possibly due to that match), Dementieva (2000 Aus Open 1/4 final? - again, Dementieva seems to know how to play Lindsay now).

These events are off the top of my head, but Lindsay has the ability to beat an "upstart" (as the BBC commentry team have been putting it), but then most of the time these players learn a lot from it and improve - for the exception of say Dokic and Stevenson....

So, Lindsay, I think will beat Sharapova - this time, just like she did with Sprem, except maybe the score might be more 6/3 6/4.........or maybe even a set 7/5. I think Maria's serve might well break down towards the end...........unless the worst happens where it never gets going - or lets say, Lindsay never lets it get going.

I'm going to jump over the fence and say, Lindsay will take it in straight sets......

GO LINDSAY!!!! :bounce: