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Jun 26th, 2004, 08:28 PM
Firstly, I am sorry not to have posted for 10 days or so but my phone line at home has had a fault on it and BT have only just fixed it! As I was home watching Wimbledon I had no computer access. Fortunately I am back on line fingers crossed.

I went to Wimby on Tuesday. Did not see Lindsay as she played Monday, as you know of course. I did see Marrat Saffin lose a 5 set match in which he swore in russian on at least 4 separate occasions, lost his temper and smashed a racquet. That was quite entertaining if you like that sort of thing! LOL. Also saw Kusnetsova lose a 3 set match to Virginie Rassano of France.

After that we had a look round, and then it rained and as it was fone 6pm by then we decided that the rain was not letting up so we went home. It was good to be there again but wished I had seen Lindsay of course.

Has anyone else been to Wimby or are likely to be going? Peoples Sunday tomorrow!

KELLY, I m sorry I could not meet up with you at Wimby but could not contact you with not being able to get on line. Did you go?

Cheers - Jan :D :cool: :wavey:

Jun 27th, 2004, 08:42 AM
Glad you enjoyed yourself Jan, shame you didn't see Lindsay.

Jun 27th, 2004, 10:06 AM
Jan, I'm glad you enjoyed it too although the weather ( and football ) has been a bit of a let down. I have only been to Wimbledon once, camped outside for the last week in 1977, had a great time, met some great people and got on Centre Court every day. In those days if you camped outside overnight at 6am they gave you a queue ticket and you could leave until 12pm when you just went back to your original position in the queue. 1977 was a vintage year for the Tennis, Virginia Wade won for Britain ( how lucky was I there ), Bjorn Borg won I think his 3rd title beating Jimmy Connors. Connors had defeated a young upstart debutant John Mcenroe in the semis. Borg's semi was the best match I have ever seen beating a brilliant Vitas Gerulaitis in 5 sets. Because I enjoyed myself so much I ran out of money and had to hitch home to Manchester. Happy memories!

Jun 27th, 2004, 10:39 AM
i q'd without sleep on monday, cos i had to drive down from leeds, oh how pleasant, obviously i fell asleep during a few dull matches, i waited around to see lindsays match, but there was a god damn rain delay and she didnt play till later, so i had togive up and go home.
Tues, i saw linds warm up with adam peterson (coach) and some woman, no idea who she was, anyone????? She is looking mighty thin, almost anorexic!
Saw a few good matches, lisa raymond was supposed to be playing but it got rained off, grrrrrr.
Wed, well what can i say it pissed it down all day, thankgod i didnt go. Lindsays match was 4th on so i thought that there was no chance in hell of that getting played, rightly so.
Thurs, damn i hate those q's. about half 2, everything was fine, no rain, lisa gets on court, i am clearly showing usa flag at the wrong side, i look around, everyone is japanese, oh well, i am just ultra vocal instead. It starts to rain, i may have got on camera, i hope so, i was slightly miffed i was not going to ge to see her match, postponed for the 3rd sodding day! which i made clear when the cameras were spanning the court!
It stops raining, play resumes, lisa kicks ass on court and wins, goran is playing too, losing at this point. Never the less he wins his match, i hate show court 2, its crap. Lindsay played on court 18, a fair walk thru masses of crowds. Imeet adam peterson on the way, i asked him how lindsay was, he replied with a 'yeah, shes doing good'. She looked really good on court, seemed to be moving well, serving well, hitting great. Brandi had a bit of an injury and after the first set pulled out, she was getting thrashed anyway!
oh well thats it for wimbledon this year, im just glad i got to see her, possibly her last wimbledon and glad shes still winning. Anyone who went on thursday, how windy was it, it may have been sunny, but there was a big wind chill factor out there!xxx beckl :bounce: :bounce:

Jun 28th, 2004, 02:25 PM
i want on the tuesday.....didnt see lindsay and i was mighty disapointed. i met andy roddick though which was just amazing.....i could actually feel my knees going weak...lol. also met mauresmo. i am now officially a venus hater.....i asked her if she could sign something for me....she looked at me like i was a peice of shit and walked off....luckilly for her i was with my mum so i didnt do her any mancunion damage :-) lol

very rude.....saw serena williams match....not much to say about that, saw the rest of moyas match and what was played of andys. sw a bit of fish on court 14 which my mum enjoyed...thatsthe player by the way...and went to the museum. enjoyed it very much

Jun 28th, 2004, 11:53 PM
Thank u gus for your reports! Consider yourselves EXTREMELY lucky as beaing able to attend Wimbledon. Watching Lindsya play would be unbelievably great, but if not you still get to GO TO WIMBLEDON!!!

I went to the museum Kel this year in January. I also found is really cool, amazing. Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves :cool:



foreva lindsay
Jun 29th, 2004, 12:14 PM
i went to wimbie, saturday, sunday and monday. saw lindsay on the bridge on the saturday but thats how close we got to the players because it wouldnt stop raining!! so i went on the sunday, didn't see her but saw loads of other players took 100+ pictures and got 16 autographs. then on the monday I MET LINDSAY possibly for the last time :crying2: (not crying today as much) and i gave her a letter i wrote and she said thank you, signed my pic and then went to the players bit. I then watched all of her match, front row on centre and that is my favourite match of all time. the first time i saw lindsay win live and now maybe the last, depending if she gets to the final coz if she does i'm going :D
well i'l write some more later i'm still really tired at the mo

Jun 29th, 2004, 11:06 PM
Well, she has got to the semis! Just needs to sort Maria Sharapova out and then she's there, in the final. She MUST win it this year.