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Jun 16th, 2004, 05:13 AM
I was sent way out the back to check on the cattle today
not much of a job on a cold windy day
on returning saw Rudolph the bull eating away
thought I'll go fetch Him a little bit of hay
kindness to a fellow stud would not go astray

I backed up the truck, and threw the hay over
Rudolph likes hay made from good grass and clover
feeling pleased with Myself,I leaped over the fence
to get close to, and bond with My Pal so immense

All of a sudden I felt the need For a leak
turning from Rudolph, I felt in My face, the wind at it's peak
peeing into the wind, it comes back in the end!
so I turned back to face My four legged friend
With the wind at My back I was peeing away
the old Bull peacefully munching the nice tasting hay

He suddenly stopped eating, and was watching Me spray
then the change in His expression made My face go all grey
I think when His gaze followed up to the source of My stream
it completely destroyed all of His self esteem!

All of a sudden He was mad as a hatter
His Dad can't have told Him that size dosen't matter
frothing at the mouth, eyes rolling about
snot flying out of His orange/pink snout

He pawed up the ground, and charged straight at Me
no time to zip up I ducked behind this small tree
His run took Him past Me, He slid before He stopped
this was My chance up and over the fence I hopped

as I shakenly drove off, I looked back to see
He was still there savagely beating that tree
this is the worst case I've seen,of Penis Envy!

I rushed home and told Dad , who said in His calming way
"If He does that again, We will send Him away
and He'll end up between a bun, at a McDonalds one day"

I don't want My friend to end up as ground beef
so I'll turn the other way,next time I need relief
I'll make sure Rudolph's out of sight, the next time I piddle
because He sure got hopping mad, at the size of My diddle!!

Jun 16th, 2004, 10:21 AM
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