View Full Version : hobbies/interests/special skills on job app.?

Jun 14th, 2004, 02:21 AM
Do you just list whatever you're interested in or only if it somehow relates to the job? I'm applying for a bank teller position and I'm not sure why they'd be interested in my love of cats, figure skating, tennis, general trivia, drawing, cooking, playing video/computer games, watching TV/movies, or reading smutty books. It seems silly to put these things on there but I don't want to leave it blank.

Also, I worked in a grocery store for 4.5 years. Started out as a cashier and ended up as evening manager before the store closed down. I can't really figure out what kind of special skills I could possible have learned since it's basically just a grunt job - the evening managers were basically glorified stockers that never got glorified.