View Full Version : Big Brother Evictee Stages a political protest for refugees

Jun 13th, 2004, 11:24 PM
:wavey: Merlin, the 5th Evictee from BB4 Australia...Evicted on first nomination....pulled a sign and masking tape from his shirt.

In front of a massive national audience....Merlin taped his mouth and held aloft a sign saying "Free Ta Refugees". Eviction stage....no talk...5 mins to fill.

The problem here is....Australia has a weak leader....and an opposition that would struggle to win a finger painting competition.

Fact!!!! Teenagers have lost their innocence being staged behind cages in the Australian outback....not disgraceful.....absolutely disturbing!!!!!!!!!

The only people that will mock Merlin are those too jealeous they didn't think of it first.

Congrats Merlin!!! The other housemates may have the opportunity for a cool "Million", hopefully the Howard Government will be revealed internationally....grab hold of it media mogules.:wavey: