View Full Version : Watching last year's match ...

Jun 1st, 2004, 04:44 PM
I just have to say Serena is not even at 50% of her ability. Serena's timing last year was great, on the returns on her serves, even during the rallies. Her court sense was way better and she was making proper adjustments but this year, she has been dishing out a load full of unforced errors. The annoying part is even where she makes the unforced error. She needs to stop chasing all those irrelevancies and get back to work on her timing, her serve and her mindset.

It's easy to say she just came back from an injury, but she needs to put in more effort if she wants to get back to where she was before. Players are returning better now, and also making them play more on their serves. There is no consistency in the groundstrokes of the sisters, they need to be more consistent and think better about what shots to make.

It would have been clearly undeserving if Serena had won this tournament. She was off-form from the onset. She needs to focus on tennis more and stop chasing all the crap she is.