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May 31st, 2004, 03:10 AM
My thoughts on Week One...

First things first... Kim waz goin' to be a no-show so it was a given that someone waz going to benefit from her absense- at the time I had no idea who it would be, but I knew someone would, cuz someone alwayz does (whenever a top player is out). After the draw came out I was confident that the last 8 women standing would include Serena, Venus, Jennifer, Mauresmo, Lindsay and Justine. I also knew I should leave room for a few surprises, thereís always one or two first time ďsurpriseĒ Quarterfinalist(s).

Speaking of surprises, I was a lilí more than shocked when Garbin played the match of her life to hand Justine her first loss at a major since she went out to Rena at Wimby (last year). Iím not reading too much into the loss though. I still think as Justine gets more match play weíll all get back to seeing her still alive in week two at the majors.

Aside from loosing Justine we can now add Lindsay to the list of casualties- she can kiss the dream of capturing the ďmissingĒ slam to her nice collection. Time is definitely not on her side (two more years max). I would be shocked if in the next three years Lindsay, Monica, and Jennifer are all still playing- all good things must eventually come to an end, unfortunately.

A look at the QF action:

Jenny vs. Serena- this is hands down the best rivalry on the tour and they always seem to play at just about the same level which means itís always competitive, usually coming down to a third set. If Jennifer is going to beat Rena itís going to be in straight sets. If it goes to three sets then itís all Serenaís- sheíll grind it out and based on sheer will alone, she wont lose. I think the fact that Jen beat her the last time they played will work to Serenaís favor sheís a lot more focused and we all know Serenaís all about PAY BACK!! Jen can be dangerous but I think Serena will take care of business and move on to the semis....at least Iím hoping thatís the way it will play out.

MoMo vs. Sharapova- I know I got ahead of myself cuz Maria has to beat Paula, which wonít be easy, and MoMo has to beat Dementieva. I think both Maria and MoMo will both win their QF matches and MoMo will end up in the finals. This potential SF could be fun and as much as Iíd love to see Maria pull off the upset, I just donít see her getting past MoMo. Iím still pulling for Sharapova to score the upset but I donít think itís going to happen.

Venus vs. Myskina- I like these two women equally so Iíll be happy with whoever wins. In terms of entertainment value I think Iíd rather see Venus come through so she can play hopefully Serena, if not Jennifer. In either case that potential semifinal may very well determine who the eventual FO open winner may be.

on the men's side:

I used to love menís tennis and followed it closely many years ago, but itís been a long time since Iíve paid attention to whatís been going on with them. Slowly, it seems, Iím finding myself watchiní more and more men's tennis. I was psyched to see Guga beat Federer. Guga has to probably be my favorite player on the men's side along with Mr. Graf, Tommy Haas, Tommy Robredo, Safin, and Coria. I guess I find myself watchiní more cuz the players i really like are still around (well some of em are anyway...). Iím still trying to figure out which upset I got the most joy out of Justine loosing early or Andy Rodick....


May 31st, 2004, 04:35 PM
Hey Serena fans if you thought week one was nice just wait till week two is over... I'm a believer what else can I say!

Jun 1st, 2004, 05:08 AM
Along with the men, Guga is my absolute favorite male player right now and it did my heart good having him win and beat Federer. And he won again today - I would love it if Gustavo could win this title. I also like Tim Henman and Tommy Robredo but I have to stick with Gustavo and really want him to take this.


The women: It's bad when I'm still not impressed with Amelie or her chances of winning the French. Justine - out - I couldn't even muster enough caring to miss her exit :) It was nice seeing Kim, but I would rather see her on court.

I was surprised by Lindsay's loss and the manner by which it happened. Injuries suck and she worked so hard to get back from her last that this time around it seriously sucks.

Venus has been playing well and I like her chances just like I like Serena's - it is bad that they will probably meet in the semi's however. I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to Jen/Serena. I always go into any match thinking Serena can win and with the faith that she will pull through and prevail. The time is no different here. Jen if a great player, but so too is Serena and I believe she will come through providing she stays calm and sticks to her game and lets Jen make the majority of the errors and if it may, be heated under the collar.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for me has been the emergence in my eyes of Bovina. After her match with Jen I came away with so much respect and an actual liking of her game. I'm delighted with that positive.