View Full Version : The gang who're going to Wimby (sorry I couldn't find the other thread about this)

May 25th, 2004, 09:02 PM

Remember a while back, some of you were talking about going to Wimby this year. I think Jan said that she got tickets for Court 2 on the first tuesday and some others said that you were gonna queue on that day too. Well, I have now desided that I will be going (finances permiting) and queuing up on the first tuesday. Those who were planning to queue are you still gonna? I will be going on my own - so it would be great if I see a couple of you to say "hi" to.

I have got a lot of advice from someone on this board about the queuing thing, so I feel knowledge wise I am fully prepared to go. Problem is, I am going on holiday at the start of June and with limited finances I could probably just about squeeze out a Wimby trip. We could probably meet up and queue together - not sure, just an idea. I have a beach tent that's water resistant (I think) so I hope it doesn't rain, or else there'll be trouble!!! Unless, I find a kind person at church who has an easy assemble (and disasemble) tent for me to borrow! :angel:

Anyway, let me know what you're doing.
-Rachel :D

May 26th, 2004, 09:29 AM
woohooo...thats cool. I have tickets for the 1st tuesday but it would be cool if we could meet up inside the grounds.

May 27th, 2004, 08:46 PM
oh I so wish I was going!!

May 28th, 2004, 02:14 PM
green with envy..... ;)

May 29th, 2004, 03:46 PM
Yes I am going on the first Tuesday with my friend Joan and we will be on Court Two. Would love to meet up inside Wimby with whoever is going that day and say Hi. I still fancy queuing to to get a Centre Court ticket sometime but I don't know if at my great age and bad back LOL! that I could cope with it. Good luck to Rache and the others if you do .

foreva lindsay
May 29th, 2004, 07:53 PM
cool, i have tickets for the middle sat and i'm going to queue on the second monday, anyone going those days?

Jun 9th, 2004, 11:05 AM
wait for me guys. ok so i dont post much anymore, its not my fault, i have to work crappy hours!
am most likely going to eastbourne again this year, the travelling up to wimbledon. so will be kicking around in the dreaded q again. hopefully there for the first 4 days, as would like to see the doubles matches too.
hope lindsay plays, but if not, hope she recovers well.
watch out for those american flag, one of those will be mine!

beckl, cant for the life of me remember my password, its been over a year, i dont think theres much chance of that ever happening! :bounce: