View Full Version : Anyone else having arachnophobia ?

Feb 26th, 2002, 01:31 AM
I do. I just had a huge one in my room ... ugh !!! I almost screamed out loud. :o I know, they are harmless, but I can't stand them.

Maybe I should have a therapy ...

Feb 26th, 2002, 02:08 AM
OMG I so do.

It's so bad I have nightmares.

And I actually am on the waiting list to have therapy :eek:

(but it's a two year waiting list so ...)

Feb 26th, 2002, 07:19 AM
Not specifically spiders but I just woke up from this horrible nightmare where these centipede-like things were crawling up my body and I kept frantically trying to scrape them off! :eek:

What would you call that? Do I need a shrink? :o

Feb 26th, 2002, 07:24 AM
just call me then, I'll come and crush them ;)

Feb 26th, 2002, 07:30 AM
Why Per4ever, I didn't know you did house calls! :D

Feb 26th, 2002, 07:38 AM
me neither lol...but New York is far away...those spiders will die because of old age before I arrive there :rolleyes:

Feb 26th, 2002, 10:26 AM
*raises hand*

I even think it's freaky to crush them, I hate the sound!

Feb 26th, 2002, 10:36 AM
oh, my brother has it. which is so funny cos he's a big guy even if he's the youngest amongst ushttp://

Feb 26th, 2002, 10:37 AM
You brutes! :fiery:

You don't crush spiders, you catch them and put them outside! They are very useful cause they kill all those annoying insects like flies and mosquitos and even those centipedes ;).

Feb 26th, 2002, 10:38 AM
oh if you are fast then you don't hear much Tine...*BAF* and it's gone ;)

Williams Rulez
Feb 26th, 2002, 10:39 AM
If you are afraid... just ask Janet Jackson to help you. She is THE spider killer... she even ate spiders in her video ;) (Son of a Gun)

Feb 26th, 2002, 10:43 AM
No, K, it's not BAF is't CRRSSHHHH and I hate it;) And then I have to clean it up, yuck!

I once followed a spider all over the bathroom with shaving foam because I was too scared to crush it. The bathroom floor looked ...uhm...interesting;)

Feb 26th, 2002, 10:43 AM
um, josh is right....

however, when they're as big as your hand with your fingers spread out wide, i don't rEally know how to go about catching them...and with my brother scared of them as well, it's a brush away the spider fest in my room...

Feb 26th, 2002, 10:45 AM
it's CRRRRSSSSHhh when you do it slowly..if you do it fast and hard, you'll never hear it...

Feb 26th, 2002, 10:54 AM
I had to catch one for my lessons biology. I had to kill it with some chemical products and then I had to draw it by looking at it through a binocular. It looks very interesting when you look at it closly.

Normaly I do what Josh said. Catch them and put them outside. They can be very useful indeed.
I do crush musquitos though.

Feb 26th, 2002, 11:02 AM
Originally posted by per4ever
it's CRRRRSSSSHhh when you do it slowly..if you do it fast and hard, you'll never hear it...

the brutality....

Feb 26th, 2002, 11:05 AM
lmao...hey, I don't like them very much, I know they are useful, but not in my room/house :(. Insects in my house are not allowed...I will put butterflies and bigger insects outside, but certainly not lil spiders, musquitos, flies, etc.

Feb 26th, 2002, 11:38 AM
A spider is not an insect :p. They eat insects though! ;)

Feb 26th, 2002, 01:38 PM
Those poor spiders K ;)

Well, yeah I have arachnophobia! Especially those big ass ones!!! Just the other day I was sitting here, and one huge huntsman spider glided down from the ceiling and landed on the monitor! I fell off the chair! :o I grabbed a large container and got it in and threw it out the window....ugh!

Ive had many run ins with spiders...its the worst when they appear in the car when u are driving! lol...one day it was on my windshield so I couldnt help myself, I turned on the wipers and...well...:o This is the only one Ive ever killed so Im not like K the monster ;) :p

I cant kill them tho...I just trap them and throw them in the garden :rolleyes:

Feb 26th, 2002, 01:44 PM
I have arachnophobia too.Can't even look at them!

Feb 26th, 2002, 02:00 PM
Me too, I always freak out when I see one. Even seeing one on tv, gives me the creeps too.

I always need to ask someone else to kill it, which is so rediculous. When I'm alone, I ask the nine-year old kid of the neighbours to come and squeeze it. :o

Yuck, I hate the month September, they always come out then. I'm always afraid to enter the bathroom, thinking there might be a spider in the bathtub.

Princess Fiona
Feb 26th, 2002, 02:08 PM
Originally posted by per4ever
it's CRRRRSSSSHhh when you do it slowly..if you do it fast and hard, you'll never hear it...

You big bully, K. :p

I detest spiders, but I refuse to kill them. I, errrr, wait for someone to put them outside for me...

And I am a big baby, yes? ;)

Feb 26th, 2002, 02:19 PM
aaaargggh!! I've seen pics of those Huntsman spiders! I may complain a lot about our climate but boy, am I glad that we don't have spiders of that size!

Bright Red
Feb 26th, 2002, 04:59 PM
I never kill spiders. They are very useful in controlling pests. But remember that all spiders are not harmless. Some are indeed poisonous including the female Black Widow, and another brown species. So be careful. However, it's likely that if you keep away, so will it.

Feb 26th, 2002, 05:04 PM
I used to be afraid of spiders, and all bugs in general, but now I don't mind them (probably because I now work in a garden centre and you can't exactly scream when you spot a bug on someone's houseplant!).

The only things I still hate are wasps and daddy-long-legs. Yuck, I hate when they fly at lights and hang from the ceiling...:(

Feb 26th, 2002, 06:03 PM
We're lucky not to have any poisonous spiders over here. :D
If that wasn't the case, I probably wouldn't catch them to put them outside...:rolleyes:;)

Feb 26th, 2002, 06:07 PM
lol when i saw the title of the thread i was going to fight here! but its not aranchophobia ;) so all its ok ;)

Its not phobia for me, but i hate them :(

Feb 26th, 2002, 07:22 PM
Not at all :angel: :rolleyes:

Double Fault
Feb 26th, 2002, 07:50 PM
I can't stand them. I make it a rule not to share my home with any spider (no matter the size) I have a variety of sprays and swipers to get rid of them. Needles to say my wallpaper has much evidence of their presents.:( I do not mind dragon flies, daddy long legs even cockroaches are ok, but spiders are GROSS.

Feb 26th, 2002, 08:24 PM
I don't have aracnaphobia but i don't like spiders i can stand being in the room with them and i don't mind small ones but big ones just freak me out!