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Apr 27th, 2004, 06:47 PM
I wonder if anyone can help plz?

How does the tennis draw work out in the Olympics?
What is the draw size?
And can only one player represent each country?
If so can the two finalists be from the same country?

Apr 27th, 2004, 07:01 PM
Athens 2004 Olympic Tennis InformationWhen:

Sunday, Aug 15th - Sunday, Aug 22nd


Olympic Tennis Centre, Athens


Hardcourt Decoturf II - outdoors
(same surface used at the U.S. Open)

Olympic Tennis Centre:

16 courts in total
Centre Court capacity - 8,000
Show Court 1 capacity - 4,000
Show Court 2 capacity - 2,000 (maximum)
Plus seven courts each with a seating capacity of 200


Matches will be scheduled for day and evening sessions


Men's Singles - 64 Draw
Women's Singles - 64 Draw
Men's Doubles - 32 Draw
Women's Doubles - 32 Draw

Where practical no players from the same country shall be placed in the same quarter of the Draw.

Player eligibility:

To be eligible to compete for in the Olympic Tennis Event, players must be no younger than 14 years as at 12/31/2003 (men) or 15 years as at 8/13/2004 (women). Each player must have made him/herself available to represent his/her country in any of the international Team Championships of the ITF (for example Davis Cup or Fed Cup) for two of the following years - 2001/2001/2003/2004 - providing one of those years is 2003 or 2004. In relation to the Davis Cup and Fed Cup competitions in these years a player who makes him/herself available for selection for one Tie will be deemed to have fulfilled the requirement for that year.

Selection date:

The International Computer Rankings of June 14, 2004 will be used to select players eligible for Direct Acceptance in singles and doubles.

Nomination dates:

MEN: A maximum of six (6) men may be nominated by any one country.

WOMEN: A maximum of six (6) women may be nominated by any one country.

A maximum of four (4) men may compete in the men's singles and a maximum of four (4) women may compete in the women's singles. A maximum of four (4) men and four (4) women may compete as teams in the men's and women's doubles.

Entry deadlines:

By country - April 1, 2004

By competitor - June 28, 2004