View Full Version : Player Profiles/ tHe Lo dOwN

Apr 25th, 2004, 01:22 AM
Arent you sick of hearing of all these no names? What do they look like...HOW do they play? Well lets start here...post a players name...and a pic and describe their games to the fullest :)....( feel free to do more than one player )

:: JeLenA DoKiC::

Dokic has a one dimensional game....she has worked hard and now she added a lot more to her game but..the usual Dokic we saw...hits the ball HARD and FLAT...she goes after both her serves...tends to double fault a lot...flat serves too...just hits with pace..feeds off of it and goes for winners ....streaky because she hits so flat...good drop shot...prefers the baseline and just paints the lines...Best Shot : Backhand Down The LIne
Worst : Net Game/ Serve