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Feb 18th, 2004, 09:15 AM
The williamses last year/year before mostly beat Kim/Justine
To be honest i think they both had their highest peak in their possibilities.
Venus 3 seasons ago(and more)
Serena, last season and the one before(at the end of that year)
Justine has it now, end last year
Kim, is really close to peaking(i hope the rest of this season)

Wouldn't it just be a thrill the watch next season, when they all have a lot of experience, had their biggest moments and then all of a sudden are at the same time at the same level.

cause at their best i think
just the strokes/power, it would be(and this is hard for me to admit as Clijsters-fan.
1. Serena
3. Justine

1. Justine
3. Kim/venus

mentality(balanced/happy life next to the tennis)
1. Kim
2. Serena
3. Venus
4. Justine

so that will make my list of most memorable in 20 years or so

1Serena/Kim equal, in my opinion both have the best best build/power, and are also (definitely Kim) joyable personalities
3Justine, evethough she got such a sublime view on the court/touch, she misses the power-genes. i know she got a lot stronger but still think, if everybody plays their best she could get overpowered. Her persona is just a lot darker which stands in the way of being total crowd-fav.. Luckily for her she plays so beautiful.
Just thought that a girl with the looks of Anna K. the tennis-beauty of Justine and the positive personality of Kim, would be pretty popular i guess.

(and then a knife-incident like seles, a legendarity of Martina navratilova, the humour-like incident of my beloved jennyta...,