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Feb 11th, 2004, 07:06 AM
Tuesday double match report

Medina/Marrero def. Beygeilzimer/MartinezGranados 67 76 63

I just watched the last 2 set. In the second set, Beygelzimer was without doubt the best player on court. Practically no fault and a very good serve. Marrero made a lot a double fault (as usual….) but had a very good return. Mezdina Garriges played player relitivelly well but she did not impress me. MartinezGranados was a good player but to my opinion she does not have “double automatism”. In last set, Marrero’serve was better and Beygelzimer bigan to make fault, MadinaGarriges called the physician for thigh injury but it did not seem serious.

It seems that Belgelzimer and MartinezGranodos gets on very well, as well as Marrero and Medina Garriges.

Weingartner/Camerin def. Tatarkova/Krizan. 61 63 :sad:

Well, it was not really a good match. Weingarner and Camerin played well but did not impressed me. In 1st set, Tatarkova seemed to be very nervous, she made a lot of faults, however she served well. Krizan tried to relax her partner. She second set was better, Krizan and Tatarkova played in L (Australian technique) with success at the beginning, but finally lost. I was really desapointed by Tatatkova performance. The last time I watched her played (Paris 03), she was very good.

Schiavone/Farina def. Loit/Mandula (1) 63 63 :eek:

I just watched the end of the match. Schiavone seemed to be on fire! She really impressed me!

Dhenin/Talaja def. Hantuchova/Danilidou (4) 64 63 :worship: :bounce: :kiss:

Woaouh, what a fantastic match of Caroline and Silvja, they played very well, excellent serve of Caroline and her new partner, full of ace. Practically no faults of Silvja, a little bit more of Caroline but a lot of winning points!!!! At the beginning of the match, Danilidou made a lot of double faults, but served well in second serve (except on match ball: double fault) Hantuchova served well but made mistakes on volley.