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Feb 4th, 2004, 02:24 AM
I will translate as much as possible... I think...

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Feb 4th, 2004, 03:05 AM
Q: Did you struggle against Vakulenko's serve at the beginning since she's tall?
A:今回のバクレンコ選手との対戦は試合開始の10分前に知ったのもあり、気持ちの切り替えが出来なかった ように思う。最初の立ち上がりも不調で固い動きだった。4-5の時に1ゲーム取れればチャンスはあると思っ た。
A: I found out my opponent 10 minutes before the match (She was originally scheduled to play against Katarina Srebotnik, but she withdrew.) so I wasn't able to switch my mind well. I couldn't move well at the beginning. When it was 4-5, if I could win at least one game, I know I had a chance.

Q:カウンターが得意とされている小畑選手ですが、今回の試合中ではゆるい打ちであったと思ったのですが、 それはおそらく一つの戦略だったのですか?
Q: You are well-known as a counterpuncher. In this match, you seemed to hit the balls a bit slower on purposely. Was that one of your tactics for this match?

A:バクレンコ選手と11月に試合をした時に、強いカウンターで打っていけば同様の強いカウンターで打ち返 すことが分かったので、今回は敢えてゆるめで打っていったのだが、逆にそれが自分のペースを乱す結果となっ てしまったように思う。
A: When I played her in November, the harder I hit, the harder she returned back, so I hit with slow page on purposely this time. But, that messed up my rythm, I guess.

Q:全豪オープンでは世界ランクトップ上位の杉山選手に勝ちましたが、それによって自分自身で変化がありま したか?
Q: At AO, you defeated Sugiyama who is ranked higher than you. Did that make you change anything?
A:上位ランキングである杉山選手に勝てたことは喜ばしいですが、自分としてはあまりランキングにこだわっ てはいません。私は私のやり方で自分のペースを保ちながらやっています。
確かに杉山選手のようなトップ10の選手に勝てたことは自分でも自信につながりましたし、オーストラリアで の経験はとても勉強になりました。
A: Though I was happy to defeat a higher ranked player, ranking really doesn't matter to me. I keep my page with my own way.
Of course, defeating a top 10 player like Sugiyama gave me lots of confidence. I learned a lot from the experiences in Australia.

Q:これで一次ラウンドを突破したわけですが、どのような気持ちですか?また、鼻声のようにも聞こえますが 、風邪をひいているのですか?
Q: Now, you passed the 1st round. How do you feel? Your voice sounds like you are sick. Are you?
また、今後は体調を調整しながら頑張りたいと思います。オーストラリアから戻ってきて、気温差の違いもあり 体調の管理は難しいですが、風邪はひいていません。鼻声とおっしゃいましたが、もともとこういう声なんです 。
A: Yes, I am glad to go through the 1st round.
I just keep my best with maintaining my conditions. After coming back from Australia, it's kinda hard to keep the conditions due to the big changes in temperature, but I am not sick. My voice is like this!

Q:去年1年を振り返って、自分の成長・向上をどのように考えていますか?向上は明らかのように感じますが 、具体的にどのようにされたのですか?
Q: Looking back the whole last year. what did you think of your growth and improvement? It looks obvious that you have improved. What specifically did you do?
A:去年は全日本も出場しなかった分、トレーニングと体力アップに集中していました。おそらくその成果が出 てきているんではないかと思います。
A: Last year, I didn't participate All Japan Championship (she was the defending champion.), so I was forcusing on training and leveling up on my stamina. It probably pays off from the beginning of this year.

Q: At last, you'll play Venus Williams?
A:全豪オープンの時のそうでしたが、私自身プレッシャーはまったく感じていません。むしろ彼女と試合が出 来るのをとても楽しみにしています。
A: Same as at Australian Open, I have no pressure. Moreover, I am looking forward to playing her very much.

(From Toray PPO website)

ex hopman
Feb 4th, 2004, 03:25 AM
Q: Winning a match today kinda means a revenge for you?
A:とても気分が良いです。 一ヶ月に3回負けていましたので、私にとって天敵のような存在になっていまし た。ファースト・セットで非常に積極的よい滑り出しをしましたが、セカンドでミスを連発し落としました。で も、サード・セットで自分を取り戻し、勝つ事が出来たことをとても満足しています。
A: I feel great. I lost three times in a month, so to me it was like a natural enermy. I could start the first set very smoothly, but I make tons of erros in the second. However, I regrouped myself by the third set, and be able to win the mach. I am very satisfied.

Q: Surface is different, but what was the different in you in a month?
A:自分に対する自信だと思います。今日は勝てると思いました。 精神的に強くなれば、どんな相手にも負け ないと思います。
A: I think that would be confidence to myself. I believed that I could win today. If you are stronger mentally, no matter who you play, I think you could win.

Q: What was a good point and bad point on today's match? and what's your goal in this tournament?

A: Except for the second set, there was few errors, and I could be aggressive.

Q:次の相手は、シャラポワ選手との対戦になると思いますが、彼女の印象と、どのような試合展開を考えてい ますか? そして、このトーナメントにおける目標は?
Q: Your next opponent is Shaparova. What's your impression on her? and what kind of game will you consider playing against her? and the goal in this tournament?
A:彼女は、若いし成長も著しい選手なので、とても楽しみな対戦になると思います。良い試合になると思いま す。目標ですが、もちろん勝てるところまで勝ちたいですが、あまり先の事を考えずに、一試合、一試合がんば って行きたいと思います。
A: She's still young, and improving a lot. It'll be a fun match, I think. It'll be a god match. The goal... of course, I'd like to go as far as possible, but not trying to think too far ahead, I just do my best each match.

A: What improvement are you looking for in your practice?
A:練習をたくさんすることによって成長しますが、一番大切なのは、あきらめないので、努力することだと思 います。
A: I think, practicing a lot makes you grow, but the most important thing is just to make great efforts.

Q: Last year, you started the season very well, but towards the end, you kinda stepped back?
A:練習では、良いボールを打っていたのですが、オーストラリア・オープンの前は、故障のため十分な準備が できなかったのが、原因だと思います
A: I was hitting very well during the practice, but before the Australian Open, I couldn't prepare much due to the injury.

(From Toray PPO website)

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Feb 4th, 2004, 03:39 AM
First time appearence at Toray, Tennis Idol, Hantuchova

http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/g/d.gifhttp://www.yomiuri.co.jp/gif7/arw_s.gifフォトニュース (http://show.yomiuri.co.jp/photonews/) 写真の拡大+ (javascript:void(0);) JavaScriptを使用するようにすると、拡大した写真をご覧になることができますhttp://www.yomiuri.co.jp/g/d.gifhttp://www.yomiuri.co.jp/img/20040202ie01-1-A20040202120435465M.jpg
(javascript:void(0);)東レ・パンパシフィック・オープンに出場するダニエラ・ハンチ ュコバ
http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/g/d.gif 愛くるしい表情やスタイルの良さなどで世界的に人気のある女子テニスのアイドル選手、ダニエラ ・ハンチュコバ(スロバキア)が3日から東京体育館で開かれる「東レ・パンパシフィック・オープン」に初出 場する。まだ20歳で伸び盛りの彼女が、読売新聞社の単独インタビューに応じ、今年の目標や現在の心境など を語った。(吉見 光次)


--What did you think about your last season?
 「1年前までは好調で、自己最高の世界ランク5位まで上がったが、その後、周囲の期待が重圧になり、やや レベルを落とした。だが、逆境の中で学ぶことも多い年だった」
"I was playing well before a year ago. My ranking jumped up to career-high of no.5. After that, maybe because of the expectation got pressure, and I levelled down. However, I learned a lot from losing."

--You had a tough loss against Shinobu Asagoe at Wimbledon?
 「とても良い試合だっただけに、敗れたことは大変なショックで、その後の大会にも尾を引き、スランプに陥 ってしまった」
"It was a good match, so I was shocked at losing. I think I couldn't get over it for a while, and I hit a slump"

--Why did you switch your racket to Japan-made, Yonex?
 「以前使っていたので、自分になじんでいる。新しいラケットはコントロールしやすく、満足し ている」
"I used to use the racket, so I am used to it. The new racket is very easy to control and I am happy about it."

--What's your impression about Japan?
"This is my third time to visit Japan. Everybody welcomes me warmly, and I like this country"

--Who is your rival in this tournament?
 「今回初出場で、とてもわくわくしているが、いつも目の前の試合に勝つことしか考えていないし、全員がラ イバルだと思う」
"It's my first time to play in this tournament, so I am excited. I always think of just the next match, and I think everybody would be the ones."
--How do you position about the Olympics participation?
 「私が5歳の時、ソウル五輪の男子テニスで、自国(当時はチェコスロバキア)のミロスラフ・メチージュ選 手が金メダルを獲得したが、これを見て感動し『テニス選手になりたい』と思ったからこそ、今の自分がある。 小さい時からの夢だった五輪出場こそ今年最大の目標。調子のピークをアテネ大会に持っていけるよう、今季は 計画的に調整している」
"When I was five year-old, my country-man, Miloslav Mecir won the gold at Seoul. I was so impressed, and have wanted to be a tennis player since then, and here I am. Participating the Olympics which has been my dream since childhood is my biggest goal for the year. I hope I could bring up my peak at the Olympics."

 ――最近の女子テニス界ではロシアのアンナ・クルニコワ、マリア・シャラポワ選手らのように、容姿に注目 が集まるスターも多いが、どう思うか?
--Recently, woman's tennis brings lots of attentions with good looking players like Anna Kournikova and Maria Shaparova of Russia. What do you think about that?
 「ファンが関心を持ってくれること自体はいいことで、女子テニス界のためにもなる。ただ、自分としてはプ レーが最優先で、良い試合でよりファンに喜んでもらえることが最高だ」
"I think it's a good thing that fans got interests in tennis. It's good for woman's tennis, but to me, I got more priority in playing well in front of fans. That's even nicer."

(From Yomiuri Shimbun)

ex hopman
Feb 4th, 2004, 03:48 AM

Q: This was your first time here in this tournament? Any thoughts?

A:今日は、自分のリズムで試合が運べ、肝心なポイントも抑えられた。ラリーでは、サーフェスの感じもつか めたので、良い滑り出しになれたと思います。
A: I could keep my rhythm up well and could win the important points. During the ralley, I could feel the surface, so that I could start the tournament really well.

Q:シャラポワ選手は、世界をめざしていると思うが、過去、現在を通じて尊敬する選手を一人あげてほしいの ですが?
Q: We assume that you are aiming to become a top player. In the past or now, who's your idol player?
A:基本的には、いません。ただ、子供のころ、アガシやサンプラスの試合が面白いので見るのが好 きでした。
A: I basically don't have one, but I had fun watching Agassi or Samprus when I was a little.

Q:AIGジャパンオープンの試合に優勝したときに、しゃぶしゃぶを食べたいといっていたが、今回は何か特 別食べてみたいもの、やってみたいことがあるか?
Q: When you won the AIG Japan Open, you said you wanted to eat Shabu-shabu. Do you have any particular Japanese food or do something this time?
A:前回優勝したときに、たくさんしゃぶしゃぶを食べたので、今度は、おすしだとか、日本でしか食べられな いものを、その国でしか味わえないことをしたいです。
A: Last time I won, I had enough of Shabu-shabu, so maybe (I want to eat) Sushi... things I could only have in Japan.

Q: Since the winning the AIG Japan Open, do you see any changes in your tennis?

A:16歳で初タイトルをとり、そしてその後も優勝できたことは、とても大きな自信につながりました。強く なるためのトレーニングもしています。
A: I could win the first title at the age of sixteen, and I could win again. Those brought me a lot of confidence. I have been training to become even stronger.

Q:シャラポワ選手の強さは、角度のあるサーブとダブルハンドのバックハンドストロークと思っていたが、今 日はフォアハンドの威力を感じたましたが?
Q: Your strength seems service with good angles and your double-handed backhand strokes, but your forehand seems well today too?

A:16歳で背ばかり伸びて、体がまだまだ出来ていないので、パワーだけにたよらず、いろいろな種類のボー ルを試合で試みています。特に今日は初戦でしたので、良いチャンスでした。
A: I keep growing and growing because I am only sixteen... my body hasn't been really built up as a good athlete. I just don't want to rely on power, but want to play with different types of strokes. Especially today was my first match, so it was good to try those.

(From Toray PPO website)

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Feb 4th, 2004, 03:53 AM


ex hopman
Feb 4th, 2004, 03:54 AM
Damn, I had an interview of Venus... but lost it...
Anyway, in summary, she said she wants to be a tennis player at least for the next 10 years. After that, maybe she wants to be a coach for juniors.
She wants to play the Olympics this year, and hopefully doubles with Serena too.
When she has a baby, she wants to teach her kid tennis too.

but that newpaper interview didn't have her photo...

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Thanks alot......that must have been a lot of hard work. :worship:

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Thanks for your hard translation work :)
They are great to read!

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Thanks! It's much appreciated.

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THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO TRANSLATE THE INTERVIEWS!!!! :worship: We all really do apprecite it!!! :worship:

Venus playing for another 10 years?! :eek: :eek: Maybe she'll outlast Conchita!! :eek: :lol: :worship:

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Thanks for the translations!

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Feb 4th, 2004, 06:29 PM
Q: Today was your first match of the year. How was your condition?

A*今年初めての試合としては、まあまあの出来たったと思う。最初にてこずったのは、ブラック選手がプレー スタイルを変え、いろいろなボールに変化をつけてきたのでやりにくかったが、最後まで戦い抜いて勝てたので うれしかった。
A: As the first match for the season, I guess I played ok. At the first I was struggling because Black often changed the play styles, so it was hard to handle. Anyway, I am glad to finish now and win the match.

Q:今年のオーストリア、ニュージランドのトーナメントに参加しなかったが、出たくなくてキャンセルしたの か?
Q: You didn't participate Australian and New Zealand circuits. Because you didn't want to go there, did you cancel?

A:いいえ、今年のスケジュールには組み込まれていたが、体調的に万全でなかったので出場しなかった。来年 は、オーストラリアからはじめるつもりです。
A: No, I was originally scheduled to go there, however, my condition wasn't good enough, so I couldn't go. Next year, I will start the season from Australia.

(From Toray Website)

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Feb 5th, 2004, 06:33 PM
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Feb 5th, 2004, 09:54 PM
Damn, I had an interview of Venus... but lost it...
Anyway, in summary, she said she wants to be a tennis player at least for the next 10 years. After that, maybe she wants to be a coach for juniors.
She wants to play the Olympics this year, and hopefully doubles with Serena too.
When she has a baby, she wants to teach her kid tennis too.

but that newpaper interview didn't have her photo...
really! Wow!

Feb 6th, 2004, 12:56 AM
This is my translation of her interview transcript posted on the official website), so this is not exactly what she said.

Q. It looked you were still not at your best today. Was it because you are still not physically recovered or just trying to tune up for the final?

Venus: It's complicated. Honestly I don't know. In today's match, my serve was the part working the best. I got many free points because of that.

Q. It was your first match here and how did it feel? Though it was against a Japanese player, it looked as if you were getting a lot of applause from the crowd, didn't it?

Venus: I'm very grateful for getting such warm applause and cheers despite playing against a home player. I'm happy when crowds appreciate and respect players and their play.

Q. What's your impression of Obata?

Venus: At the beginning, she looked nervous. It's not easy when there are only a few occasions to play home in a year. It puts pressure on you. But, she's a solid player I guess.

Q. How about your stomach?

Venus: It's fine. In the exhibition (in Hong Kong) I played carefully so I wouldn't make it worse or injure it again, but today it was totally out of my head.

Q. What do you think of your next opponent, Rubin?

Venus: Except for the serve, we play similiar in that we play risk-taking powerful tennis, so it's gonna be up to who will play more aggressively.

Q. You're top seed and the Japanese fans are expecting you to make it to the final. Does that motivate you more?

Venus: Interesting question. I feel no pressure as top seed but this is my first time playing in Japan, so I guess many Japanese fans are hoping me to be here until the final. I really wanna live up to their expectations.

Q. You said you like the surface. You mean it's similar to the grass of Wimbledon?

Venus: There are always similarities and differences in surfaces. I just like this surface here. Plus it's friendly with your back (hip?), so.

Q. What about the reactions of the Japanese crowd during a match? They don't cheer too loudly and applaud good play rather quietly, don't you think?

Venus: I appreciate their respect for players.

Feb 6th, 2004, 01:55 AM
thanks st. and ex hopman! I appreciate the effort!

Feb 6th, 2004, 02:37 AM
Chanda's interview after winning over Morigami.

Q. You barely won today's match, but you face Venus next. How do you plan to play against her?

Chanda: The key will be playing agressive, so in that sense I'm gonna play more agressive and courageous tennis tomorrow.

Q. How's your knee?

Chanda: I got it taped up for precautions yesterday and today. I think it will get much better tomorrow.

Q. It was your first match against Morigami. What do you think of her play?

Chanda: It wasn't our first meeting actually. We played in Shanghai and it was a three setter. I was playing well then and won the first set easily. Against her, you have to attack agressively or else you're giving her chances. She's not the kind of player you can afford to take lightly. She's gotten better since Shanghai.

Q. Back to your knee, is it OK?

Chanda: This is a part I had surgery on before and the surface is fast so I got it taped up for precautions.

Q. As for tomorrow's match against Venus, given she's not 100% yet, what do you think is the key to winning?

Chanda: Rather than caring about her condition, I focus on my own tennis. It's important to take the initiative before making an error on a fast surface like this. Either way, agressive play will be the key.

Feb 6th, 2004, 03:21 AM
Saori Obata's interview after her loss to Venus

Q: Do you think you played the best you could against the best player you've ever played?

Saori: Since it was my first match against Venus, I didn't know exactly how fast her game was, but after playing her, I was impressed by the speed of her game, her serve in particular. At the start, I was having a tough time keeping up with her and from the mid second set on, I started getting used to and was able to play more calm.

Q: In the latter half of the match, Venus seemed to be struggling with your slow paced serve. Was it a slice serve?

Saori: Even when I hit a fast serve, it came right back fast, so took some pace off and gave slice to the ball.

Q: Preparing for her speedy, fast game, did you have any particular strategy before the match and could you execute it well?

Saori: To match her speed, I tried to take the ball early but her balls were deeper than I had expected so I couldn't bring back deep balls. I would have loved to have played more of my tennis hitting deeper.

Q: Though this is a disappointing result, now that your ranking is in the 40s, you're gonna have to face more top players, what do you plan to do to improve your game?

Saori: Of course there're many things to be done mentally, physically. I wanna build a lot of experiences playing more top 10 players than last year. Now I feel like I don't get as intimidated when facing a top player as I used to.

Brian Stewart
Feb 6th, 2004, 07:10 AM
Thanks for the translations! I hope Chanda's knee is okay, and it is just precautions. The lone photo of her opening match didn't show the knees, so we couldn't see if either was taped. This surface seems to bother her. It caused her problems last year, too.

Feb 6th, 2004, 07:42 AM
Thanks Seiya for the interviews!

King Aaron
Feb 6th, 2004, 02:37 PM
Thanks. :D

Feb 6th, 2004, 03:16 PM
Ai's interview after her loss to Maggie

Q. You couldn't seem to put much power on the ball today. Was it because of your physical condition?

Ai: Of course Maggie played well, but I wasn't moving well. I was unable to get behind the ball quickly and play my tennis. My footwork was definitely not good either.

Q: Was the fatigue from being sick a factor yesterday and today?

Ai: I could sleep well last night and I'm getting better, but I can't recover quickly after a long rally. When it comes to playing at a high level like today, I can't play a good match much less winning without being physically 100%.

Q: You adjusted your shoe laces at 0-15 in the 4th game of the 2nd set. Did you do it on purpose?

Ai: She was controlling the match so I tried to change the rhythm of the match by taking time there, but it didn't work after all.

Q: We heard you had a fever. Did the doping problem prevent you from taking strong medicines?

Ai: Because of the doping thing, I could only take medicines prescribed by the doctors. I got better but still there was side effects and I wasn't reacting to the ball well. But then, Maleeva played well. I'm disappointed that I was unable to play physically at best and show a good match to the fans, but I still have many matches ahead and I think I will be fine when I'm physically recovered.

Q: This year you came in as a top 10 player and was seeded which gave you a good position in the draw. Did you consider pulling out of the doubles and focusing on the singles at all?

Ai:No. Not at all.

Q: your schedule from next week?

Ai: After resting for about two weeks, I will go and play in Dubai, Indian Wells and Miami, and then come back to Japan in April.

Feb 6th, 2004, 03:33 PM
Maggie's interview after her win over Ai.

Q: Your sister (Manuela) won here twice before. Do you think you have a shot at making the final as well?

Maggie: I still have two matches to go, so at the moment, I just wanna enjoy today's win as much as I can. Seems the other players are playing well too, so I just have to give it my best shot.

Q: You notched your first win over Sugiyama in a while. Plus it was such a one-sided win. What do you think was different than in the past today?

Maggie: In our past meetings, we both won and lost, so I really wanted to win today. I think it was my playing the way I had wanted to rather than her making errors that made the difference. I just tried to focus on one point at a time. I'm sure Ai was thinking the same.

Q: Do (Did?) you know Ai had a fever?

Maggie: I knew she had had a fever until a few days before. However, she's not the kind of player who easily gives up under any circumstances. She's a real tough competitor and that's where her strength lies.

Q: Do you rate today's win big?

Maggie: I would say the content of the match (the way she played) was the big victory today. It was my first win over a top 10 player this season. I heard it was my 400th career win.

Q: Do you have any particular strategy against Sugiyama?

Maggie: Just staying focused till the very end of the match. Strategy wise, I tried to mix up the pace of the match and tried not to send the ball to her backhand side which she prefers.

Feb 6th, 2004, 03:50 PM
Lindsay's interview after beating Daniela

Q: You were playing full of confidence making good shots and mentally well controlled. You said in the previous press conference that you were trying to figure out what to do to raise your level. Do you have anything in particular?

Lindsay: To be aggressive. In that sense, everything from choice of shots to
game plan went as well as I wanted it to, so I'm pleased with the way the match turned out. I could play really well today.

Q: What do you have on mind when you play someone ranked lower?

Lindsay: Most of the time, my opponents are ranked below but everyone including of course Daniela is a great player. That's what I'm always reminding myself of and I just try to focus on my own game. Serving well, hitting the ball hard and clean, and playing my game with confidence are the key.

Q: What do you mean by playing your game?

Lindsay: To strike the ball hard, attack and control the match at my own pace.

Q: Compared to the GS titles, where do you place the Olympics?

Lindsay: I think it depends on the players but winning that honorable gold medal at the Olympics holds a special place in my career. I couldn't play the Sydney Game due to injury. It was a big disappointment. If I'm given the chance to play in the Olympics this year, I really want to win the medal again.

Feb 6th, 2004, 04:07 PM
Daniela's interview after losing to Davy

Q: It seemed Davenport today was unstoppable.

Daniela: Absolutely. She has won here three times and especially today, she was playing extremely well. I expected a tough match but even when I had a chance, she came up with big serves, great returns and so on.

Q: Did you learn anything from Davenport, a player who has won GS titles and been the world no.1?

Daniela: Of course. She's the player I respect the most (I don't know if she really meant it.. could be a poor translation from her original word). Not only does she have a great career but she plays such a big scale of game and has great strokes and serve. You have to be well prepared or it's gonna be very tough. There's a lot more to learn from her game, not just the aggresive part.

Q: It's important to hang in there till the end when playing top players like Davenport. Do you think you did it today?

Daniela: Oh sure. I really fought tough and never gave up. Even though I wasn't physically 100% with a cold, she was still too good. I had a good time here in Japan and experienced a lot of things. Now I've found out what I have to do, so it was a very satisfying stay.

Feb 6th, 2004, 04:22 PM
Jelena's interview after her QF win

Q: You started the season late compared to other players, so you must be very happy to be where you are now?

Jelena: Today it was my third match. There were no easy match so far and it's not easy to start a new season on this difficult surface so I'm happy I won today. Last year, I had to take three months off when I was playing well (I don't know what this means), so I'm pleased with the way I started this season.

Q: You got off to a good start. Is that because you have improved your game since last year or you've gotten mentally stronger?

Jelena: Last season, well, going back a year and a half, it was a very tough season. My ranking slipped from no.4 and I fell as far as where I couldn't hit the ball well but now through traning, I can at least stay in the top 15 and have goals, so I'm happy now.

Q: Today your shots were very solid. Was there anything you had in your mind in the match?

Jelena: My serve as well as my return was working very well, so I could play an aggressive game. Plus, there were few errors, so I really could concentrate on the match. After seeing Tatiana play yesterday, I knew she could run well. That's what I was careful about.

Q: We have yet to know who is your next opponent, but do you have any special plan?

Jelena: Whoever comes through will be a hard hitter, so it's gonna be a tough match. I just hope to carry this momentum to the next match.

Feb 6th, 2004, 04:31 PM
Thanks, http://www.wtaworld.com/images/flags/Japan.gif Saint Seiya (http://www.wtaworld.com/member.php?u=18765)!

Great work :worship:

Feb 6th, 2004, 05:07 PM
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ex hopman
Feb 7th, 2004, 06:33 PM

Q We heard from Davenport that you are injured. Can you tell us about your injury?

A My left food is hurt a bit. I was afraid of playing yesterday as well, but the opponent seems easier so I was fine if I could hit the ball well.  Today, I had to be 100% playing Lindsay. Anyway, I tried my best for a few games. 

Q How do you feel the pain, and does the injury affect your play?
A. Service, shots, all movement on the court, everything.

Q Are you going to withdraw the enxt few tournaments?

A No, just taking a few days off, so I am not thinking of withdrawing any tournaments.

Q You said you are mentally stable finally. Were you disappointed today towards the tournament in Pairs?

A I hit well, and the match itself wasn't that bad. I wasn't just 100%, but compared to 1 1/2yrs before my confidence has been back.

ex hopman
Feb 7th, 2004, 06:46 PM

Q Any impressions on this surface?

A There are surfaces I like and don't like, but I like this surface. However, the clay courts where lots of players like is not really my favorite surface. We have to play on various surfaces. Sometimes it takes some time to get used to the surface.

Q What's your personal opinion about AO changes the date a bit later?

A It's hard that there is a big tournament from the beginning of the season.Delaying the start of the season makes us take some off time and not only resting but also training... and that could bring players more levelups. However, changing the date of grandslams might affect other tournaments, so it might not be easy to do so.

Q If you know your opponent is injured, it must be tough. How about today?

A It depends on the match. I just played my tennis today. I kept forcus on my service and returned well. 

Q In that case, you play safer?
A Today, on the second set, if I can break her service game, I thought it'd be safe. On this surface, it's easier to keep service games, if you break the game first, there's a chance to win. When I did that on the second set, I knew it'd be tough for her to come back.

Q You seem to have a confidence about the final. What do you expect in the match?

A If condition isn't good, you wouldn't be here... I've played Maleeve really close matches before. She hits very flat and agressively. I expect we'll attach each other. THe key would be my first service and win, that's my game plan.

ex hopman
Feb 7th, 2004, 07:10 PM
Q Today, you two started playing well on the first set, but seemed to lose some concentrations on the second?

A:Martina: We never lost our concentration. We just made some errors that we were not supposed to, couldn't stick with the plan and it didn't work well.

Q You announced your retirement after this season. Is this your last match in Japan? Did you feel anything special?
A : Martina: That was my last match in Japan. I didn't feel anything special. So far I have just played my best tennis on each match.with managing my schedule in the tour. so I am disappointed about losing the match today. 

Q What did make efforts technically and physically to keep playing with being a top player for the last 30 years?
A :Martina: It's not only for tennis. You could say this to all sports. You just do your best everyday, and keep your motivations, that's it. Physically, including my hard training, many of specialists have supported me. I have enjoyed training and each process of that. I think it's more pleasure to overcome the problems. Of course, there's a time that everything goes well, and not.

Q We heard you went to see the practice of Sumo wrestlers during this tournament?

A:Lisa: On our free time, the tournament organizer took us to the practice of Sumo wrestlers. Also, we could eat with them. That'll be the most memorable experience for me. Besides the tournament, that was the highlight.

Martina: When they practice on the ground, Asashoryu(Yokozuna:Champion) came to the room and gave his students many advice. They offered us to eat Chanko. That was an unbelievable experienece.

Q When you came to Japan for the first time, what did you do, and my second question is, any advice for young Japanese players?

A:Martina: My first visit to Japan was 1975... played doubles here. It was a hard week here. To decide the seeded player, we went to Tokyo and Osaka...and one more city...I forgot where... Chris Evert participated too. I received a watch from Seiko as a gift. I gave it to my mother. It is still working well. Though the week was hard, everything was new, so I was looking around, that I remember.

To your second question, maybe it's not just for Japanese players, but to all of young players, just do love what you do, and do your best. You should enjoy the process of achieving the goal you set. Winning the tournament, jumping up in the ranking, anything you can name of, but if you can't enjoy the process of achiving your goal、it's going to be meanless. That's my advice.

Feb 8th, 2004, 02:19 PM
are the final interviews up yet?

ex hopman
Feb 10th, 2004, 02:13 AM

Sorry to get back to you guys this late...

Q You seemed to hit really hard against Davenport who has been playing well this week. What do you think the reason you lost today?

A The biggest difference was serve. Her service was extremely well. The huge difference between her game and mind was the percentage of service. I had a several break chances. Anyhow, the percentage of my 1st serve was not too bad. During the game, I was thinking to get the number up, and I had chances in rally, but I got pressure from her on my second service. She had a few aces in a game. When it was 3-2, I had a few winners, but I made an error on the big point. That wasn't really good. Today, she played some unbelievable tennis.

Q You don't really have bad head-to-heads against her.

A Actually, it's not really good. The last time I defeated her was in Moscow two years ago. When she's good, her service is good and she has deep shots. Today, I attacked first and I tried everything I wanted to, so I don't have any regrets. I did well.

Q We believe your ranking jumped up again after reaching today's final. Do you have any confidence of reaching top 10?

A I don't really care about ranking. It goes up and down. To me, it's more fun to win more games. In that meaning, I am satisfied to reach this final.

Q Your sister has won the tournament here. Any impressions about this tournament?
A Except for the years I was injured, I always come back here. Including the hotel, I am familiar with this area, so I am looking forward to coming back here. Even though I don't play well in Melbourne, I am happy to be here for this tournament.

ex hopman
Feb 10th, 2004, 02:27 AM

Q During the 3rd game of the first set, Maleeva starts her geer up suddenly, and the game changed to even tougher after 30-0 lead. What did you think then?

A I started the set pretty good. When it was 2-0, it was like the first time in this week, I lost my rythm, and lost some games to 2-3, 0-30. However, I was calm and I believed I could win. That was the key for the first set.

Q Your winning percentage at this tournament is over 85% (!!). Do you think this surface suits your game? If there's a GS tournament which has this carpet surface, do you think you could win more GS tournaments?

A (Lol) I think each player has different favorite surfaces. In my case, I like indoors and fast paced surface. The championship has a similar surface, and no matter if it's hard court or grass court, you need to play your game well on any types of surface. If you don't, you wouldn't be a top player.

Q Not only for this tournament... but there are so many injured players. What is necessary to play the whole season constantly?
A Players level is improved and we play for 11 months. We get tired for sure, and that causes us get injured. We need to manage the schedule well, and during the off time, we need to take some time to relax.

Q Including today's final, what effects your service game brought into your game?

A The biggest reason I won here was my serve. If I serve well, stroke and return got easier, and I can play very aggressively. Not sure, but I don't think I wasn't broken til yesterday?

Q You happy about this winning and any meaning?
A It's been a year since the last I won. and It was here. I think it's pretty great to win the same tournament 4 times. I've been on the final 5 times too. It has been a good start of the season. I hope it keeps going this way.

ex hopman
Feb 10th, 2004, 02:41 AM

Q You win here with different partners. What's your secret and what do you think when you select your partner?

Stubbs: Secret of winning doubles is of course selecting a great doubles player. With Cara, we are great each other, and our play styles are matched. We are also good friends. I like it when we can play, enjoy and win matches. About partner selection, among people, I just try to meet the best player for me. Or, I sometimes try to find a partner whom I don't really want to play against.

Q This question is for Black. Are there any differences playing with Stubbs? What do you learn from her the most?

Black: The main difference is that she's a doubles specialist. She's a serve and volley player. Other players often stand at the baseline, or don't know when to hit volley, or not good at serve and volley... Playing with her makes me learn a lot! She has 44 doubles titles!!!

Stubbs: didn't I give you too much information?

Q What was good at today's game?

Stubbs: Everything. Yesterday's match was very close, so we were on the court for long time. We were both mentally and physically tired. but today, it was very relaxing. We could play well from the beginning. Not much errors, and everything came to our way. It was the best match in the week!

Black: Start was good, and perfect match! 

Q Your pair is really great, but there are many good Japanese doubles players too like Sugiyama. Do you think you want to play with her in the near future? If so, what kind of games can we expect?

Stubbs: It's hard to answer. I have played against her a few times in the past. We both like backhand strokes, so thinking of getting my pair, the person should be good at more forehands. Of course, both of us are very aggressive players, and we both know how to play doubles, so I think we could go at some high points for sure.

Q: For Stubbs, You have won this tournament 4 times! Do you think this record will be expanded?
A I dunno... I have won one tournament three times, but first time in 4 here! I have participated this tournament for 14 years or so. This is one of my favorite tournament. I really like the surface a lot. As much as I could play physically, I'd love to come back here. Winning 5th would be really great!