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Jan 26th, 2004, 05:26 AM
Out of the remaining players, which two players do you think will eventually play the best the final of the Australian Open 2004...

My choice would be a final between Justine and Anastasia. I just loved their RR match up at the YEC and Myskina has the goods to beat Justine especially on a court like this.

I really hope that it is between justine and anastasia. at this point it would be hard to predict who will be in the semis, but my choice athletes would be those two.

Jan 26th, 2004, 11:12 AM
Kim against Lindsay would be great.

Jan 26th, 2004, 03:09 PM
Lindsay vs Kim is the best!!!!!

Jan 26th, 2004, 04:57 PM
Myskina vs Davenport :)

Jan 26th, 2004, 06:18 PM
Myskina versus Zuluaga with Myskina winning........
Hmmm.....actually, no. Myskina beating Henin-Hardenne would be better - she'll rack up more quality points!

Jan 26th, 2004, 06:57 PM
Any final with Juju :) BUt if would have to choose:Juju vs Kim.I'm still Belgian,you know ;)

Jan 26th, 2004, 07:04 PM
Zuluaga vs Patty

If I had my choice anyway hehehe

Jan 26th, 2004, 07:46 PM
Momo vs. Nastya

Jan 26th, 2004, 09:33 PM
Fabiola vs. Nastya