View Full Version : I might actually get to watch the first live Lindsay match of 2004 tonight.....

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:04 PM
All week Eurosport have only shown live the matches on Rod Laver or anything that involved Tim or Greg, so since Lindsay is due to play second on Rod Laver tonight then we could get to see some Live Lindsay tennis!

Lindsay will be the more experienced one in playing on Rod Laver Arena, hopefully she won't be too nervous.......having said that this is Lindsay's first match on this arena this year, but Lindsay has been here before and can handle the sistuation.

Is it just me or do people think that the winner of the AO will be from the top half of the draw?!

There are only 6 of the top 10 seeds left in the draw and 3 of the 4 that are from the top 5 seeds are in Lindsay's half. The thing going for Lindsay is that she is the only person in the draw who has ever won the AO!

Go Lindsay! :bounce:

-Rachel :wavey: