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  1. Does everyone know what tomorrow/today (depending on where you live) is?
  2. Lindsay's up for eviction
  3. Davenport confirms participation for Tokyo
  4. Lindsay played some of her best tennis this year on the green clay!
  5. Lindsay's best reaction after a big win
  6. lindsay and her friend Anna...
  7. TOP: Roll Call for 2004!
  8. Is Lindsay retiring at the end of next yr?
  9. An old Lindsay article, but good...
  10. who will lindsay davenport play doubles with next year if she plays?
  11. I just realized something.....
  12. how far will lindsay go at the australian open?
  13. Lindsay to play in Hopman Cup
  14. Merry Christmas
  16. Save Lindsay in Big Brother!
  17. Happy Holidays
  18. So, where will you go and see Lindsay play in 2004?
  19. Lindsay won Big Brother!!!!
  20. Sorry that I haven't been around....
  21. First pictures of Lindsay in 2004
  22. Lindsay's first match
  23. The end of an era gets closer for Davenport
  24. Lindsay vs. Amelie right now!
  25. It'a an entirely new story....
  26. Lindsay def. Nastya 6-4 6-4!!!!!!
  27. Usa In The Final
  28. Lindsay Guarenteed the #4 seed at Oz...
  29. Article: Davenport eyes Open
  30. Going into the Adidas, Lindsay has played 700 career matches!
  31. SI.com - Davenport on deck
  32. 2004 Pictures
  33. Lindsay def. Vera 16 62 75
  34. Well Lindsay gets another shit draw!
  35. Lindsay's thoughts on the subject of her injury
  36. Lindsay faces late test
  37. I'm leaving for a small time...
  38. Name Change!
  39. 2004 Post-Match Transcripts
  40. Davenport at pains to give it her all one more time
  41. Why is Lindsay playing doubles?
  42. Lindsay moving through the Oz draw!
  43. See you after the Oz Open
  44. Even though Lindsay struggled against Loit...
  45. Into Round 2 of doubles, win/win situation!
  46. Lindsay into the QUARTERFINALS
  47. Lindsay talks about the Olympics and her chances of being picked!
  48. I might actually get to watch the first live Lindsay match of 2004 tonight.....
  49. Off to Melbourne
  50. What a great chance for Lindsay!
  51. name change!
  52. Wimbledon tickets
  53. Sky News Reports LD is thinking of retirement
  54. Davenport Contemplates Retirement
  55. Web site for Lindsay?
  56. Lindsay into Tokyo finals!
  57. Lindsay Takes Tokyo Title!
  58. Lindsay's 2004 Goals!
  59. And now......
  60. Is Lindsay not playing Miami??
  61. What's Lindsay's Commitments fo rthe next few months????
  62. Lindsay website updated....
  63. Lindsay IN Indian Wells; OUT of Miami?
  64. Pictures of all Lindsays Tournement wins
  65. My new theory: Lindsay will be top 4 for the rest of her career.
  66. I Got Some Wimby Tickets TOO!!!
  67. Lindsay & Pacific Life Open (IW)
  68. The TOP Anniversary! We are four-years-old guys!
  69. First pic of Lindsay at IW, complements of Tratree...
  70. E-mail Lindsay Via Wta Tour Site!!
  71. Davenport feeling fit, has eye on Olympics
  72. Interview with Lindsay
  73. Lindsay @ Indian Wells
  74. Lindsay answered MY Question!!!
  75. [b]omg[/b]
  76. I'm taping today's semifinal....
  77. Darling has decided to skip Miami, for sure....
  78. Do any fellow fans think Linds is still missing something on court?
  79. Hi... i'm new here!
  80. CELEBRATION TIME: I am ONLINE at home now!!
  81. TOP: Lets Cheer Loudly For Lindsay at Amelia Island
  82. OMG I'm going to see Lindsay!!!
  83. Going away
  84. Video trading...
  85. Cheer for Lindsay at Family Circle Cup
  86. Wimbledon...
  87. lindsay is wta tour player of the week!!
  88. Congrats to Lindsay
  89. The Lindsay Project!!! All TOPS plz read
  90. Amelia Island pics, by Danlopka!!!
  91. TLP: A day with lindsay
  92. The Summer is on it's Way Chat Thread...
  93. Lindsay tape trade!
  94. why some Lindsayfans are negative towards Venus and Serena
  95. Happy one year (and one week) anniversary to Lindsay and Jon!!!
  96. Davenport aims for summer Slams (article)
  97. Ive just had my driving test.......
  98. TLP: Caption This?
  99. JOACO - Please Read - I have sent you the tapes
  100. Lindsay in Strasbourg
  101. Great site for Lindsay Pics
  102. Davenport Stats
  103. Lindsay screwed by RG seeding
  104. I like Lindsay's draw!
  105. Lindsay at the French Open
  106. The gang who're going to Wimby (sorry I couldn't find the other thread about this)
  107. what's Lindsay's fastest serve speed?
  108. LINDSAY looks great
  109. What the hell is happening?
  110. Bad News
  111. LA Times Article - Injury & Olympics
  112. I'll be away for over a week
  113. Come join my new game!
  114. If Lindsay retired today, who would your favorite player be?
  115. Happy Birthday LINDSAY!!!
  116. Your Message for lindsay...TLP
  117. Can Lindsay win Wimbledon?
  118. JOACO - Please Read, Re My Lindsay Tapes
  119. My Tapes
  120. It's time you joined the best trivia game on the board.
  121. why are seeds 5 n 6 in the same part of the draw?
  122. Lindsay at Wimbledon
  123. Breaking News
  124. I Went to Wimbledon
  125. oh crap, plz help
  126. An email I sent to the Wimbledon commentry team.....will they read it????
  127. Some things seem very familiar.....
  128. Listen up.
  129. I need your help finding some pictures!
  130. anyone know anyone who.........
  131. Lindsay at Stanford
  132. Thought you might be interested to know....
  133. Lindsay Player Profile - Some bits are quite funny but stolen
  134. Was Jon Leach a Footballer (NFL) too?
  135. New Article: She'll play the Aussie Open
  136. Notes about "true fan status", etc.
  137. Lindsay n 1 in CR - It's time to celebrate!
  138. Bank Of The West Final
  139. picture of me and Lindsay
  140. lindsay is wta player of the week!!
  141. Lindsay in LA
  142. Who saw the green "GO LINDSAY" sign?
  143. Lindsay in the San Diego...SHE MADE THE HAT TRICK
  144. Lindsay Vs Venus : The Re-Match
  145. My Tapes
  146. It's Lindz Vs Serena in the Final!
  147. Lindsay df. Sernea in LA! 6-1, 6-3
  148. Lindsay to stay for a while?
  149. Will lindsay become no.2?
  150. Lindsay is a speed demon out there!
  151. Joaco from Miami.....
  152. is Lindsay playing new haven?
  153. Get "VH1: Inside Womens Tennis" aired in the UK
  154. They put me and Lindsay on wtatour.com
  155. Player of the week, 3rd WEEK RUNNING
  156. Lindsay Can Make Number 2 This Week !
  157. I love lindsay
  158. Will Lindsay break the barrier for being at #1 for 40 weeks before she retires?
  159. Go Lindsay!
  160. The #2 in the world beat MYSKINA!!! 6-1 6-1
  161. *for uk residents only, or those who are travelling to uk in august 2004!
  162. Lindsay and the Quest for Greatness
  163. Lindsay Web site
  164. Davenport pictures
  165. i'm leaving for vacation, will be back next thursday
  166. Top 10 Reasons Lindsay Will Win U.s Open
  167. Lindsay's New Haven Bandwagon
  168. Off on Hols
  170. Just so everybody can read it
  171. Lindsay's CINCINNATI Bandwagon
  172. I Passed My Driving Test!!!
  173. Who is going to New Heaven?
  174. Lindsay pics
  175. Born-Again Champion: Lindsay Davenport Interview
  176. Something Tracey Austen said...
  177. Lindsay Wins In Cincinatti - Yes
  178. Lindsay Seeded 5th At U.s Open
  179. Lindsay: The US Open
  180. US OPEN... who is planning to visit Lindsay?
  181. New Member - Hi to all :)
  182. injury
  183. Lindsay's Transcripts for US Open 2004: Updated Second Round - 03/09/04
  184. Lindsay vs. Venus, Stage 3 of Summer 2004
  185. Sky Sports 2 ...done it again!
  186. the new trainers
  187. Heavy Rain at the US Open!!!
  188. Some interesting stats: what do you think?
  189. You guys, I think our Lindsay has a tatoo! lol
  190. lindsay's fall scheduled
  191. LinDSAY: Can you believe her luck!
  192. Lindsay in Filderstadt
  193. I still love Lindsay...but I'm still bummed...
  194. Race to WTA Champs / Ranking Points
  195. I'm sad
  196. All TOPs in here please
  197. Praising Lindsay!!
  199. contact lindsay
  200. best match including lindsay...
  201. Funny Lindsay moments?
  202. Lindsay Wallpaper
  203. Lindsays future...
  204. Lindsay D websites
  205. General Discussion Thread
  206. *chants*
  207. I stumbled across this....The Davenport roots
  208. is lindsay playing tomorrow?
  209. Best Doubles Partner for Lindsay
  210. Pictures/videos?
  211. Lindsay getting her hands on the Kremlin cup!
  212. Pictures from Filderstadt
  213. OH lindsay makes me laugh!
  214. Lindsay to reach #1 for the first time in three years...
  215. whens lindsay next playing?
  216. CAn Lindsay win 3 out of 3 Porsche's this year?
  217. Davenport/Blake to defend Hopman Cup
  218. *** Lindsay is NUMBER 1!!! ***
  219. GM Forum....
  220. Zurich
  221. Lindsay's name?
  222. Lindsay to play until March of Next year including Australian Open
  223. What we going to do....
  224. Gift Suggestions for Lindsay (per country)
  225. Great news Lindsay is playing OZ, but what are her realistic chances of winning it??
  226. Lindsay in Ace Magazine
  227. lindsay playing linz?
  228. Lindsay pix from ACE magazine :)
  229. Lindsays 2004 in detail
  230. No Lindsay at the Hopman Cup
  231. lol @ tennis related anagrams
  232. Lindsay @ the YEC
  233. Lindsay's Junior Career
  234. Callin all TOPs
  235. Caricatures
  236. your favorite Lindsay match of 2004?
  237. Lefts.
  238. Pretty Lindsay! [Add pictures if you want]
  239. The 'all hail queen lindsay' thread!
  240. *cries* my uncle is so horrible!
  241. Retirement
  242. Review of 2004
  243. help!
  244. Lets Reflect
  245. Lindsay overtakes Martina Hingis in Career Earnings post Championships
  246. 2005: Early Commitments
  247. Lindsay Davenport: 2004 Year End #1
  248. look at the pic!!! ha ha
  249. *idea for lindsays final season*
  250. get to know each other thread!