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Re: Anna articles and interviews

After AO QF


Q. Was it a matter of survival of the fittest at the end, who was the stronger at the end?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: Well, definitely Maria was today. She is stronger. I guess she played very well. She's a great fighter. I think she deserve this win. I can just wish her good luck in semis.

Q. Was she a little more aggressive than you?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: Yes. I think I need to improve to be more aggressive on important points especially because, yes, she was a little bit more aggressive than me.

Q. You seemed quite nervous at the start. Did it take you a while to settle down?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: No, I wasn't nervous at all, not at all. Maybe on the tiebreak because I was up like 5‑3 and I had so many opportunities. I just didn't use it. That's, you know, a little bit strange because on the tiebreak, so many points are lost so easy balls.

I don't think it's because nerves. I just need to be more aggressive on the important points. That's what I think.

Q. What do you do about that? Will that be something you'll pick up on the next tournament, being more aggressive?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: Yeah, definitely I will work on it. But, you know, it's tough to be aggressive because Maria, she's hitting the ball so hard. Especially in the warmup, I thought she will kill me (laughter). I couldn't put one ball on court because she played one ball on me, and the other ball like somewhere. I couldn't, you know, get where is the ball going, she was hitting so hard.

It's also tough to play aggressive against these kind of players because they play aggressive and you should mix your game a little bit more. But important balls, of course, you should be more aggressive.

Q. On speed and placement, you were staying with her.

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: Yes, but I think she won all the important balls. I didn't use my opportunities in the first as well as second set because it was like two or three games Love‑30 on her serve. I just didn't use them. That's why I lost.

It was close match, but Maria won. I think she played better today than me and she deserve it, definitely.

Q. Your shoulder, what happened?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: It was tight in the morning. I had some treatment on it. During the match I felt pain, strain from the backside. I definitely should call the trainer earlier, not after first set. I think I should call it before I'm serve on that game at 5‑4. Maybe it would help me.

I got some antiinflammatories and pain gone in second set after few games.

Q. What is the problem?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: Strain, right shoulder strain.

Q. You hurt it before the match?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: No, it was really tight before. As I said, I had a treatment on it. I felt it okay. But maybe Maria's hitting so hard, my shoulder was getting tighter.

Q. Was it bothering you in previous matches or only this one?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: Well, you know, that's amazing because something is happen when I'm playing important matches. Like against Hingis in Montréal I had injury, again, my right hand. Here, as well. I should do something to myself. Should stay healthy, you know, to beat these kind of players.

I mean, it was my tenth match in a row. I felt tired. I just need to stay healthy and maybe not play tournament before a Grand Slam.

Q. You seemed to be having her running more than you were running a lot of that match. You had her moving a lot. Is that a good sign for your future?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: Well, that was my game plan, you know, to move her. If I would play all balls to her, it will be very difficult. Yes, you know, I was running I think well today. But my hands and my arms was little bit sore and stiff. You know, especially those easy shots, I couldn't put it where I wanted. That was the problem, especially important points.

Q. You're the same age as Maria. When did you first know her or meet her?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: Good question actually. I think I saw her on TV when I played juniors and she played main draw of US Open or something. It was on TV. I think she beat someone the first round. I just remember her dress, that's it (smiling).

Q. Why is that?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: It was pink dress. I just remember the color actually. Sorry.

Q. Do you remember what year that was?


Q. 2002?

ANNA CHAKVETADZE: I don't really remember. Sorry

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