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Doris Hart

Hi Rollo,

"Hart To Hart" is a nice read - Miss Hart is *very* modest when describing her accomplishments. Her comments on her loss to Maureen Connolly in the US 51 semi are interesting...

FYI, I've seen "Pat & Mike", a typically entertaining Hepburn and Tracy "road" movie of the period. KH is the pro sportwoman under ST's management, and from the footage shown in the movie (when's she's playing Gussie Moran), it's really obvious Miss Hepburn could definitely play, and play well. I also remember reading an article on her in which she stated how much she loved playing and best of all, it was accompanied by an old b&w photo of her, sometime during the late 30's I would guess, looking totally divine in a white "cocktail" style tennis dress, having just hit a forehand with perfect form (and serious intent!)
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