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I'd like it if you posted the interview
Ok. But sorry if the language is not always accurate.

-We met due to tennis about 7 years ago. My older brother trained together with Maria. I was 10 years old and Maria was 12. When she came to Los Angeles she used to stay at our place and we became friends.

-Your parents must be very generous to open the doors for barely known people?
-Robert Lansdorp, who coached me, my brother and Maria, asked my family about it. I guess we both were lucky as Maria found a place to stay and I found a friend.

-What are you doing together when she is in Los Angeles? What does she do best off the court?
-Shopping! (laughing) She's the best in it. We also go to the movies as all normal girls. When Maria is on tour she has lots of "adult" duties - tennis, interviews, sponsors. And when she is with me she can be a normal teenager.

-Why do you think Maria doesn't have a lot of close friends?
-First of all remembering her shedule of life it's hard for her to stay in touch with many friends. That's why, for example, she is so happy to have a friend, Maria Kirilenko, among the tennis players whom she can see when she's on tour. Then being a star it's always hard to get who wants to be with you because he or she likes you as a person or cause he/she just wants to be close to the star. That's why we are so close - we've been knowing each other since childhood, since Maria was not a celebrity yet.

Then she says a few words more about movies, that Maria doesn't like horror films but Estelle makes her watch them.
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