Mary lost 6-3 4-6 1-6 -
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I think I am falling in love !!
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Mary lost 6-3 4-6 1-6


ALLEZ Mary Pierce


Where Is Love I Have Not Found Her Yet

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Mary lost today but I'm still proud of her because she beat a top ten player during wimbledon It's a very good sign for me, she 's comming back !! Even if today she dropped her concentration it's no matter to me, you are the best girl

Somebody knows if Mary's ranking will improve a little bit?



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Hopefully a third round in Wimbledon not having had any points to defend will help Mary rise in the rankings.

Does anyone know where Mary is scheduled to play this summer?
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I think Fed cup will be her next tournament

After I heard about San Diego, I have to check, Mary said in an ITW

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News & Photos

Qualifier Granville Ousts Pierce

Lynaire Kittelty

Friday, June 28, 2002

Laura Granville, a 21-year-old qualifier from the USA, defeated Mary Pierce,the former French and Australian champion, 3-6 6-4 6-1 to reach the last 16 in her first appearance in The Championships.

Granville, ranked 134th and on her Wimbledon debut, was in danger of falling out in straight sets when Pierce broke serve in the seventh game of the
second set to lead 4-3. But Granville broke back in the next game and broke again on her fourth set point to square the match.

In the third set, Granville led 5-0, forcing a match point in the sixth game with a forehand winner to Pierce's backhand corner.

But Pierce saved that, held on for 5-1 and Granville had to serve out for the match.

Granville went break point down and needed two more match points before winning through. Now Granville plays another French player, Amelie Mauresmo, the ninth seed, in the fourth round.
i think her ranking will be around #63. sadly she lost but i'm impressed she got to the 3rd round of a Grand Slam on her least favorite surface, and she beat a top player too! but the worst part was that she was up a set and a break but sadly collapsed and fell to a player she should have beaten.

Let's Go Lindsay!SHE'S BACK BABY!

Best of Luck To: Mary Pierce, Justine Henin, Monica Seles, Chanda Rubin, Kim Clijsters, Dinara Safina, Vera Zvonareva, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Tommy Haas, and Pat Rafter!
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I think I am falling in love !!
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Thanks for posting that. I wonder if having that long doubles match yesterday had anything to do with it today.

But I am so proud of Mary anyways to get this far.




ALLEZ Mary Pierce


Where Is Love I Have Not Found Her Yet

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I saw most of the match. She didn't look comfortable or happy at all

Good luck in the doubles, Mare.

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Le Poulailler de Poussin! (Simontarded.)

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I think I am falling in love !!
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Well as usual Wimbledon site do not have a Mary Interview, but thye do have Granville's interview up.

I am really sad for Mary. I hope that she is OK. We all feel for her so much.



ALLEZ Mary Pierce


Where Is Love I Have Not Found Her Yet

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Interesting interview.Granville said in her interview that Mary is one of her idols.

3-6, 6-4, 6-1


Q. So she served for it in this, didn't she? You were down a break in the second set.
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, I think -- yeah, I was down 4-3 and she was serving.

Q. So take us through that from there on.
LAURA GRANVILLE: Well, I think those last two games, when I got down 4-3, I just -- she played really well and I didn't play well. And I think that fired me up and I, you know, I knew that if I didn't start playing aggressively and I didn't go for it, then I was going to be, you know, done. So I think I just -- I got more aggressive in that game and I broke her and that gave me some confidence.
And, you know, then I held my serve. I think I played better, and she didn't play quite as well.

Q. Six matches. Are you getting tired?
LAURA GRANVILLE: No. Not tired of this (smiling). No.
I mean, it's nice in the main draw because you get a day in between each match, so...

Q. Strategically, you tried to move her around, tried to mix it up? What happened?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Well, I mean, I wanted to move her around, but, I mean, she hits it so hard that I was basically just trying to get it back for a lot of it.
But, yeah, I think I started to move around better in the second and the third set.

Q. Did you have a male hitting partner yesterday?

Q. Who did you hit with?
LAURA GRANVILLE: I hit with another player, so...
But she definitely -- I think she's the hardest hitter I've ever played against. So I probably should have hit against a guy yesterday.

Q. You adjusted.
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah. I think it took me a while, though. It was really hard to get a rhythm because, I mean, she hits the ball so deep and hard. So I think it took me, you know, a set and a half to really get used to it.

Q. Are your strokes compact enough that you didn't have to make any adjustment on your swings?
LAURA GRANVILLE: I think I just had to move my feet more. Yeah, I really didn't make that much adjustment on my swings.

Q. Are you superstitious, doing the same thing every day?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Actually, I have been. I've been practicing around the same time and, yeah.
But I'm really not that superstitious, I don't know.

Q. But you have been practicing at about the same time. Is that coincidence or by design?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, I think that I've just been getting into a routine and I really don't want to break it at this point.

Q. Last year, about 13 months ago, you were playing college tennis. I forgot who you met in the semis and finals in Mississippi or Vanderbilt, something like that. What's the difference between playing college tennis and out here at the All England Club?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Well, I think there's a huge difference. You know, playing college tennis was a great experience for me because I got to play on a team. And, you know, in Juniors you don't get that at all. It's very individual.
So I loved college because, you know, my teammates were always there and they were supporting me.
And, you know, out here on the tour, again, you're on your own. And so I think that there's just so much difference. And also, you know, the level of competition is a lot higher as well.

Q. And did Frank Brennan or LeeLee Forood help your game in any way?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, I mean, I definitely think they did. They changed my serve. And they -- especially I got to work with LeeLee a lot my sophomore year, and she really helped me on certain tactics and strategies of the game.

Q. Who do you think the last player to come out of Chicago and make the second week of Wimbledon was in the women's draw?
LAURA GRANVILLE: In Wimbledon? I don't know. I know that Linda Harvey-Wilde (ph) made the quarters of the US Open, but I don't know about Wimbledon (smiling).

Q. Did you see Billie Jean at all when she was living in Chicago?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Not really. I really don't get to see her. But I've seen her a couple times here, so... She's been really supportive.

Q. How has this experience changed your life? Are you getting phone calls from agents at all, people knocking on your door?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Not really. I'm just hearing from a lot of old friends. But it's great. You know, I'm getting a lot of E-mails and phone calls, so it's really nice to get the support from back home.

Q. Any E-mails from your former teammates?

Q. Like what?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, I actually -- I got a couple E-mails from Lauren and Gabby, they're playing a 10,000 right now in Oklahoma.

Q. What did they say?
LAURA GRANVILLE: They were just, you know, wishing me luck. I'm sure they want to be here next year.

Q. You told them you made 10,000 just by showing up in the first round here?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, yeah (smiling). You have to start off somewhere.

Q. Where did you hear about them beating Florida and winning the championships?
LAURA GRANVILLE: I think I was just about to leave for Europe. And actually I really wanted to be there to cheer them on, but I just -- I had to leave for Europe for some tournaments. But they sent me pictures and it looked like they did a great job.

Q. AmelieMauresmo.
LAURA GRANVILLE: Gosh, I really, you know, I haven't seen her play that much. I think I'm just going to go out there and, you know, chalk it up to a good experience and just try and be relaxed and enjoy it.

Q. Got the great backhand.
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah. No, she's a great player. And, you know, there's really no pressure on me so I'm just going to go out there and go for it.

Q. Now that you've got to the second week and you just beat Mary Pierce, who won two Slams, you're facing Mauresmo, who's obviously a Top 10 player but never won a Slam, do you think, "If I play well, I have a shot in this match"?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Well, I mean, I think I have to think that way. I have to go into it thinking I have a shot or else I'm already beaten before I step out there.
So I think a big thing for me is just I'm playing, you know, well and I have confidence. I think just staying relaxed is a big thing.

Q. Have you ever played this better over, say -- you won six matches, that's like a week and a half. Have you ever played this well consistently?
LAURA GRANVILLE: I think so. You know, in certain matches I haven't played as well and, you know, I've had some three-setters I've just squeaked out.
But in general, I think this is, yeah, I'm playing some of the best tennis I ever have.

Q. Does this at all feel like some sort of dream-like ride that you're on?

Q. Or does it really feel real?
LAURA GRANVILLE: A little, yeah. Especially playing Mary Pierce, it almost didn't feel real. I know, I can't really describe it.
But at the end of the third set, I really didn't even feel that much pressure just because it didn't really feel real.

Q. She has a certain presence out on the court.
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, she does.

Q. Can you describe that. How did you react to that? She's pretty distinctive that way.
LAURA GRANVILLE: I think that she really does -- she really does have a pretty big presence. And so I think I really just tried to concentrate on, you know, myself and really tried not to think about who I was playing too much.
But she definitely has a big presence.

Q. She, of course, plays for the French Federation. If you go on to beat Mauresmo, will you have a hesitancy to go to Paris?
LAURA GRANVILLE: (Smiling). Well, my name is French, so hopefully they won't hate me too much.

Q. Did you watch her when she won the French Open? Did you see it on TV?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, I did. I watched it on TV.

Q. Was it live, did you get up early?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Gosh, I can't remember. But I definitely saw it. It was amazing, yeah. She's definitely one of my idols.

Q. This the first time you've seen her play live, against her?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, yeah. Uh-huh.

Q. What's it kind of like when you see somebody on TV all these years, then you see them live, they look...

Q. What are you going to do with two days off?
LAURA GRANVILLE: I think just same routine, you know, just rest and practice around the same time - and try and enjoy this weekend.

Q. What does this say to you about yourself, that you got this far?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Well, I think that it really helps my confidence a lot. I think this is really important just for me because this past June I've been playing a lot of challengers and haven't really played that many tour events. And, you know, I wasn't sure where I stacked up to, you know, the top tour players. And, you know, I was still questioning whether I could, you know, really compete at that level.
So I think it's answered a lot of questions for me and just it helps my confidence a lot.

Q. Meaning that you weren't sure if you had that extra gear, and then you get here and all of a sudden your game just keeps rising when you want it to get there?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah. Yeah. I think that -- and also when you don't play tour players on a regular basis, you really don't know what level they're playing at. So I really wasn't sure. And I think now I know that, you know, I can play, you know, at that level - which is...

Q. Has this tournament indicated to you that you've got more guts than perhaps you had coming in here?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah. I mean, you know, I think I've really had to dig deep in a few matches and just, you know, be tough and gut them out. So I think that, yeah, it's -- and I think this past year, just playing a lot of challengers and playing on the tour has really made me more mentally tough and tougher in matches, because I've had to be.

Q. It surprised you?
LAURA GRANVILLE: A little, yeah.

Q. Your goals, short-range, long-range?
LAURA GRANVILLE: I think just, you know, I'm real excited for this summer and the hard court season. So I think that just continuing to do well at, you know, at tour events is one of my main goals.

Q. Sorry if you answered this already. What's your experience playing on grass?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Not all that much. I played on grass three or four years ago in the Juniors, then I think three years ago. So I played Junior Wimbledon twice.

Q. Obviously, nothing in college?

Q. How did you prepare for this?

Q. You've been over here a while, haven't you?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah. Once I was out of the French, we actually -- I started practicing on -- they have an indoor gymnasium with extremely fast courts. So we started hitting on that just to -- because it's a pretty big transition from clay to grass.
Then I tried to get over here as soon as I could, and I played two tournaments before this. So that was a big help.

Q. Surprised this is where your breakout has come?
LAURA GRANVILLE: I think a little. I think going into, you know, the French and Wimbledon I was just hoping -- I was just really thinking that it was just really going to be a good experience and I really didn't have any expectations because I didn't know how I was going to do on clay and grass.

Q. Are your parents thinking about suddenly coming over?
LAURA GRANVILLE: Well, my dad's been over here ever since I got in the main. I think my mom wishes she was. I don't know, she might come over now.

Q. Got a lot of money, buy her a ticket...
LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, I've been asking her to come over, you know. She hasn't been really receptive. Maybe she will now.

Q. What's your dad been like?
LAURA GRANVILLE: He's been great. He's just really, you know, been supportive and just kind of been there for me. You know, he's -- he was there for me all through Juniors so it's nice to have him here.

Q. Three women American winners today: Serena Williams, JenniferCapriati and LauraGranville. How does that make you feel?
LAURA GRANVILLE: I mean, pretty good. But, you know, obviously I can't be put in the same sentence as those two players.
But, you know, it's really nice to -- it's really surprising, too, to get to this round.

Q. Among the top players, who has been the most forthcoming to you?
LAURA GRANVILLE: A lot of the players have been really nice. You know, Lisa Raymond and, you know, Rennae Stubbs and some of the older American players have been really nice and supportive. You know, it's -- I was surprised, because I didn't know, you know, how friendly the players were on the tour. But, you know, a lot of them are really friendly.

Laura Granville

Daniela Hantuchova
Jelena Jankovic
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