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Originally Posted by tennisrox
All I can say is that too much rationalisation deprives you of the opportunity to use everything you've always had.
Sorry. I always found that facts and logic lead me as close to the truth as the info available to me. I have no reason to change my method.

You cannot expect me to believe weird claims.There are people claiming they have seen UFO's. why should i endorse such claims? tell me

I am open minded to anything but show me evidence and susbtantiation.It does not mean i can accept everything.

What i gather from this thread is you and saniarox are fascinated by the topic of meditation but are you careful enough not to take your interests and prejudices as fact? For example look at the way some of the Sania quotes have been made evidence of "a subconcious mind" though she at best had mentioned about prayers and natural ability. She has never remotely talked likw you or shakes .

A classic case of believing in something and twisting everything else to fit into that.but most others including federer or sania are far removed from your world.
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