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You may write "this is all in fun" but the tone of your post and what you said sure did not seem at all "light" or "funny" -- to me, anyway.

And just to add here -- you left out Srebotnik and Tulyganova as Martina's partners along the way and, as others have pointed out, you added Panova when you shouldn't have. Some of those you mentioned (Jennifer comes first to mind) were never thought of as "permanent" partners but, as all doubles players do, just "pick-up" partners for a tournie where both players are entered and feel like playing doubles.

As to the "homophobic" remark, I think the point was clear -- IF, when anyone posts anything that is even slightly against one of the Williams sisters. they are labeled a "racist", then if someone posts anything even the slightest against Martina, it only follows logically that that post would be labeled "homophobic" as an illogical beginning premise only begets another!
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