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Originally Posted by saniarox

i personally feel you are now open minded enough to read and appreciate the books "the autobiography of a yogi" by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, and "living the himalayan masters" by Swami Rama.

if you get the time, and are interested, maybe you could try to read one of them.
I have already read 'the autobiography of a Yogi'. I told you that something unusual happened to me two months ago while meditating. I was a little worried at first, because I didn't how such a thing was possible. I spoke to a friend of mine who has been into this stuff for a few years. He said there was nothing to worry about, and he told me to read that book, and a book on zen meditation.
BTW everything that i've spoken about here is encompassed by Deepak Chopra's Seven spiritual Laws of success. Law no 1:The law of infinite potentiality ie creativity comes from union with pure conciousness.
also, i just had a question about your being able to stay without air for 14 min.
did you conciously think about not breathing ? or do you think that "not breathing" is just a by-product of keeping your mind blank for an extended period of time ?
In the beginning I did conciously try to stop breathing when I realised that my respiratory rate had slowed to around 4 breaths per minute. I couldn't keep it up. I stopped trying, and one day it just happened.
Meditation is basically about focusing on the present. Most of us find it difficult to focus because we are always thinking about past events and the future, but we rarely focus on the present. When your concentration becomes so intense that you live each second, your metabolism just shuts down completely, and you stop needing even air. The first time I was out for 10 minutes, and when I came out of it, I was barely aware of time having passed. Its much more intense than sleep and much more refreshing. I meditate using a cd of Gregorian chants. The only reason I knew I was even out for a while, was that the cd was over.

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