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Originally Posted by saniarox

here's another question from the same interview where she touches another aspect of what you mentioned (the ability to play with the subconcious mind instead of the concious):

Tennis Week: Did you always hit such a heavy, hard forehand? And if so is it because you had timing or were you a naturally strong girl even as a kid?
Sania Mirza: I was never a strong girl. I was naturally very small and petite. When I was younger, I was a tiny girl. They didn't even think I was gonna grow that much. I'm five-foot-seven and a half and they didn't think I would grow that tall. I think it was just timing, especially on my forehand.
I learned on clay, but the clay in India is very different. It's brown, orange-brown, but it is very fast, almost like a hard court and it's so much easier to slide on. It's like playing on a hard court, but you can slide on it. So I stopped at eight, but even at age nine they used to say I had one of the biggest forehands in the under-16s in the whole of India so today they say I have one of the biggest forehands on the WTA circuit so obviously people could see I had a big forehand even when I was nine. It just comes so natural and it comes so effortless it just seems like I can hit it as hard as I want when I'm relaxed. That's when the problem comes: when I try to hit it so hard that's when I make errors. It's like everything else: when you force it to much, you mess it up. So I have to be as natural as I can on that. I have this photographer in my room of myself hitting a forehand when I was seven. And I have the same photo from the Sharapova match at the U.S. Open last year and the style of my forehand in that photo looks exactly the same as the one I was hitting at age seven.
Interesting stuff. Her forehand has never changed over the years. The same can't be said of her backhand, becuase in some of her old photographs the shot looks quite awkward, but now the balance of the shot is perfect.
This article also explains why she seems so uncomfortable moving on european red clay. I was wondering why she looked so hesitant.Theres another interesting point regarding sania's growth spurt. The funny thing is that larger amounts of growth hormone are released during meditation.

I understand exactly how she feels when it comes to the errors. I have had the same experience in the last two weeks. The moment I start thinking or planning my shots, I can't time the ball at all. When i'm relaxed everything is effortless. Its like the way I feel when I play guitar. Her words more or less confirm what some of us have been saying for months now.
More than anyone, sania's game is played in her mind.

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