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Originally Posted by genius
You are losing it a little bit in recent months. Pls take control of yourself.
Maybe meditation does have its plusses with amazing levels of concentration and i can certainly buy that. But to talk about that seperating the genius from the mortal i am certain is an hyperbole of unbelievable proportions.

Another thing is though i am totally nonmedical in expertise, i am aware in my few readings that research on brain has a LONG WAY to go. Your assertions regarding 90 percent and 10 % sounds rather outlandish and suspect considering the above situation. Can you give one expert reference reg the same?

The best thing is go on court and beat federer. Maybe i will believe you. I don't think its going to happen for the next millenium.
Precisely. It has a LONG way to go. I'm sure you have never experienced a moment of thoughtlesness in your life, and having never experienced its immense power you think you know what is possible and what is not. Like anyone else who has never tapped into the power of his own mind, you dismiss what you can't understand. Science has not progressed to the stage where we have the expertise to understand the logic behind the workings of the mind. I was quite interested in psychiatry myself, but now I realise that the reason most psychiatric patients don't seem to get better is that psychiatrists have absolutely no clue how their subject matter works.
I do remember watching a programme about how electroencephalographic studies were used to map the brain, and it was found that the average human being uses less than 10% of our brains. What do you think the other 90% can do? Why are some people more gifted than others? It has been found that people who are gifted at certain things show higher levels of electrical activity in certain centres of the brain. Most of the brain has not even been mapped. We don't even know what most of the unused areas can do. In fact eeg studies were conducted on a yogi from india, and his readings went through the roof. They couldn't believe the results because he was using almost all of his brain.

The more we try to rationalise and find logic behind everything, the more we forget who we really are, and the less we tap into our own powers. I taught myself to meditate, and every experience that I have had, corresponds closely to what is written in the book that saniarox talks about. Strange coincidence don't you think? There is a science behind thoughtlessness. There are hundreds of books from the east, from Japan to China, and most of all India that talk about everything i've just spoken about. Mind control is the basis of martial arts.All this stuff has been known to us for thousands of years, we've just forgotten about it, we're so eager to rationalise that which we are not smart enough to understand. Do you have any explanation for how Nostradamus could predict events hundreds of years in the future?

Coming to my own case, how did I survive for 14 minutes without air? The brain suffers irreversible damage after just 3 minutes without air. Here I am, more alive than i've ever been in my life. After two months of work, I developed an amazing memory. I can read at an incredible pace, and recollect much more than I ever have. All this after 14 minutes without air. I should have died. What explanation do you have for this?

I said that what I managed to do is very rare. Anyone can meditate, but only upto the level where it has great benefits to health, concentration and energy. The reason most don't progress beyond that stage, is that they have too many mental blocks regarding what is possible and what is not. As long as you hold onto your emotions, you can never really free your mind of thought. People simply don't believe in their own abilities, and that is why they can't experience absolute blankness. It took an incredible effort of will for me to block out everything, including pain and the basic need for air, and focus on absolutely nothing. Like everyone else I could have believed that pain is an impassable obstacle and given up. I didn't. I gritted my teeth, and blocked it out, until it ceased to exist.
When you do that, you can indeed play like Federer. Besides, i've always been a very good musician ( I absolutely don't think when I pick up a guitar. The moment I start to think conciously about the notes, everything is a mess), but lately, my music has simply gone through the roof. Everyone I know is having a hard time believing it, but the evidence is right in front of their eyes. Whether or not you want to believe it is your own business. All I can say is that too much rationalisation deprives you of the opportunity to use everything you've always had.

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